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A/N: There is a 'spicy' scene almost right off for this one, so I will be putting up the adult version as soon as I finish typing this. It might be a little bit more sensical to go read that one then this one. My friend has thus dubbed my adult chapters 'the rapture files' LOL.


Even knowing that Malcolm and West were planning something for her birthday, Alice was not able to figure out even a hint of what it was. They were too secretive and careful about whatever it was, so Alice shrugged and used the week leading up to her birthday to get to Maddison Avery better, wanting to know more about her best friend's girlfriend.

Maddison was delicately Irish, her father's British nationality giving her a faint accent held over from her youth. Maddie was five four with reddish blonde hair that looked almost pink in the sunlight. She had luminous green eyes and a sweetly shy disposition. But when she danced, it was amazing. She became the character wholly, making them real. It was a quality Alice could only hope to achieve one day and she realized that it was part natural skill and part amazing teachers. Maddison's relationship with West had blossomed after she'd agreed to tutor him in math, which he was failing again and would likely need summer school to graduate.

Friday February 13th dawned dreary and gray, cold and with a wail in hte wind that chilled the soul. Alice woke up in Malcolm's arms and to his kiss. Alice decided right away that she liked that kind of birthday good morning, but started to worry over the time when she stopped the make out session to see it was 15 minutes to class. Malcolm chuckled at her concern.

"I had Salali call in sick for you." Malcolm whispered into her ear. "And I've taken the day off due to migraine." he added in, weaving their fingers together. "Happy birthday mi corazon. You're officially a legal woman." he kissed her cheek.

"Congratulations, you're no longer a pervert." Alice teased, eyebrow raised as he kept her pinned.

"You love me that way." Malcolm purred at her, running his hand down the front of her body and she arched like a cat. He groaned as her movement pressed their bodies together. "You keep that up and I'll never get to your birthday surprise." he warned. Alice smirked at him, thinking that was a great plan. "Alice..." his voice warned as she kissed him. She shifter her hips, settling him closer to her, wanting him to break first. He resisted the temptation and rose up a little, putting some space between them as he looked down at her. "I really do have something planned." he stated. "It's on a set schedule too." he explained.


 Alice sat astride Malcolm, body echoing waves of fading pleasure. Her body shook slightly, shivering in after glow and she blushed a brilliant rose, a little ashamed at how strongly she reacted to Malcolm's words. "We're definitly late for your birthday surprise." Malcolm panted and Alice laughed at him.

"Totally worth it." Alice huffed and he chuckled, hands gently rubbing her thighs.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask if you wanted to move in with me. I wanted to wait until after you graduated but then saw an opportunity to keep you safe..." he blurted out.

Alice blinked down at him, a little stunned. "You mean you want me to move in with you?" she asked. She'd really thought he hadn't wanted her there, but felt obliged to. He was self-sacrificing like that.

"Alice," Malcolm's hand rested over her heart beat, "I love having you live with me. Would you, Alice Spade, like to move in with me?" Malcolm asked, as if they hadn't already moved in together.

"You're stuck with me now, you know that right?" Alice asked instead, smiling brilliantly down at him.

Malcolm grinned back, eyes happy and satisfied. "I wouldn't have it any other way. Now if we hurry, we might still catch the surprise." he added and Alice went to get ready with a laugh. He wanted her here. Holy flaming blue penguin h***, Alice thought, he wants me. She followed his suggestion and dressed in something comfortable, a pair of black trousers that looked professional but were super comfy, and a red turtle neck made of soft cotton.

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