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A/N: I could just add this next part into the original chapter and extend it out, but I enjoyed leaving that short cliffhanger in there. So here is the rest of Alice and Malcolm's interlude with being caught.

SOME of this part is in Spanish. Because Google translate is so kind I am including the Spanish dialogue, but I will also include the English translation beside it in parenthesis. ( ) <----- those things are parenthesis if you didn't know.

ALSO, some of you are probably going to wonder how Alice is able to remember all of this. She is an autodidact, which means she has a compulsion to learn new things constantly, and eventually she will realize she has an eidetic memory, meaning that she remembers things exactly as she sees themm so she can visualize a dictonary page and remember ALL the words and meanings on it.  


They'd been caught, in a quick panic Alice stepped away from Malcolm and saw West staring at them.

"Don't tell anyone." Alice blurted out to her newest friend.

West's gold eyes snapped from glaring a horrible death at Malcolm, to spot Alice and shine with relief. "Oh thank god it's you. For a second there I thought he was cheating on you." he commented with a little chuckle. Alice just gaped at him, completely lost as to how the hell West had KNOWN?

"What?" Ace demanded, completely lost.

"¿Cómo lo sabes?" Malcolm asked West in Spanish, unaware that Alice understood them.  

(How'd you know?)

"Que ella llamó su nombre cuando le atacaron. Sólo hay una razón a una mujer como que llama a sí mismo Parca. Soy tan tonto como para sumar dos y dos juntos y participar." West replied.  

(She called your name when they attacked her. There's only one reason a woman like that calls for Reaper himself. I'm dumb enough to put two and two together and get involved.)

"Parca?" Alice asked, getting surprised and alarmed looks from both men. They'd either forgotten she was there or never guessed she knew Spanish. It was the language of love and for an autodidact like Alice, it was too tempting to pass up. She loved to watch Spanish soap operas and laugh at the ridiculous story lines and overly dramatic acting, but that was a secret she hadn't told anyone.

"Let's not have this discussion here." Malcolm ignored Alice's question. What the hell had Malcolm done to earn a nicname like Reaper? The thought made Alice chilled, the implications obvious to her. The Grim Reaper was Death. Had Malcolm lied when he said he never killed anyone? "We'll go talk at my place. Less likely for anyone else to get involved." his tone was sardonic. Alice grabbed her bag and thankfully West followed, a dark scowl on his handsome face.

Ace's head was reeling, confused and a little worried. She felt like she was getting pulled into a world she knew nothing about. So she hesitated for just a second, trying to decide if this is what she wanted. Malcolm turned to look at her as if he knew why she paused. His eyes were guarded and she knew that he wouldn't hold it against her if she decided that she wasn't comfortable staying with him. But she smiled softly, knowing that a life without risks would be terribly boring, and reached for his hand. Surprised flashed in both men's eyes, clearly they had expected her to takethe easy way out. Mal held her hand for a brief moment, but let it fall as they headed out to the Jeep. Alice was both relieved and disturbed that West had caught them. This was why they'd set up ground rules, but by 4:30 in the afternoon, neither of them had expected witnesses to be hanging around.

The ride to Malcolm's was tense and silent, all three passengers locked into their own thoughts. Ace wasn't sure what the others were thinking about, but she was desperately trying to not get too worked up before getting the full story. Alice ended up on Malcolm's couch with her legs crossed under her, Malcolm leaning against the arm of her seat and West across from them, slouched into a chair.

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