Salali had told Alice that she would take Monster for the eleven day trip and helped Alice go shopping to get travel appropriate clothes. There were two days devoted to travel, so the trip was nine days long in paradise. Not bad at all. Alice was hoping that the change in geography might help her leave the nightmares behind. If nothing else, she had so many plans with her friends that she was wondering if nine days was going to be enough time to do it all. It was a school trip and with this many people around, Ace knew it meant very little alone time with Malcolm, especially since there were hostile witnesses like Lexi to spy. So she and Malcolm had agreed to try and be as cautious as possible, even limiting their contact where others could see if so no one started to wonder. Alice was planning to stay busy and try not to die when Mal was wearing just his swimming trunks.

Trying to hustle almost two hundred bleary-eyed, grumpy highschool seniors through the airpart at 8 am was no fun task. Alice was thrilled at hte prospect of flying, it had been so long since she travelled. Her friends all huddled together, some closer than necessary. After Lexi's confrontation and Alice's outburts, Sammy and Butch had become an item. So when they wanted to cuddle during the flight, Alice ended up trading seats with three different students until by chance she ended up next to Malcolm. Unlike her peers, she had no problem sitting next to a chaperone.

"Esa ropa se ve muy bien." Malcolm complimented. (That outfit looks great). Alice smirked, none of the other students within ear shot were fluent in Spanish. Ace had known that they were spending the day flying and shuffling around, so she'd gone for comfort that would work in the hear of Mexico. She wore a white peasant skirt, loose and flowy with a dark brown lacy tank top under a shiney brown button up shirt. Her passport hung around her neck, under her shirts and she wore practical and comfortable running shoes. Malcolm was wearing his battered jeans and a gray jersy.

"Usted debe mantener su criterio hasta que haya visto el resto de mi armario. Creo que hay algunas piezas que tendrás que decir acerca de las palabras." Alice warned. (you should hold your judgement until you've seen the rest of my wardrobe. I think there are a few pieces you'll have words to say about).

They spent the rest of the flight to the larger airport flirting in Spanish. Alice would describe some of her swim suits or the clothes she'd bought and Malcolm would tell her what he thought. Sometiems what he thought was very, very steamy. But Alice managed not to blush, or even tell him the most response inducing outfit she'd brought.

The mass of bodies had to shuffle through another airport and here is where the frustration began. The next flight wasn't for several hours yet. So how do you keep 170 some odd students entertained for four hours? Most of them slept, slumped in chairs with music blaring in their ears. THe only advantage to the sheer size ofthis group was that they had over half the airplane terminal to themselves. Those that weren't sleeping were wandering, either shopping or trying to get something to eat. The chaperones were conferring in the bar section, not drinking but using the adult area to ensure that hteir discussions were private, so Alice sat with her friends, everyone huddled in to listen to her mp3 player. She told them her 'boyfriend' had given her a travel playlist to listen to so now her friends were getting a pre-release sneak preview. The other students that were fans looked so jealous that Alice felt like giving them some songs too. But she didn't have the computer to do it with right now, so she decided to pass her mp3 player around during the flight so the others could listen to one song each.

West slumped over Alice's shoulder. "Pasar una semana viendo Angel en un bikini y no poder hacer nada al respecto todos los ojos mirándola me va a matar." he groaned in Spanish. (Spending a week watching Angel in a bikini and not being able to do anything about all the eyes watching her is going to kill me). They'd started to use code names for hteir secret lovers so no one could accidentally figure it out. "Cómo están usted y Parca en pie?" (How are you and Reaper standing it?).

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