A/N: I must love you guys a whole lot, I stop writing and feel guilty for not writing MORE. LOL. I'll try and get things rolling passed the wedding and onto the next big hurtle, Alice's eighteenth birthday! And no, just because she is less like jail bait, doesn't mean things will be easier for these two. Bad juju is about to go down. And more bad juju to follow. So this is a nice repreive for all involved. The characters, you guys and me. Because honestly, do you know how TIRING it is having these two living in your head? LOL


Alice smirked at the groaning Malcolm, holding a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water in her hands. "Here." she said softly and handed her boyfriend them one at a time so he could self medicate. Malcolm didn't even open his eyes, just threw the pills down his throat and drank the water greedily.

"Thank you." he mumbled, tucking his head back under the pillow.

Alice laughed softly, knowing that he was hungover and too proud to admit it just yet. She wondered how much worse the groom and bride were, she'd seen Kasumi last night and figured Diego was even worse off.

"Why does your family do that the night before hte wedding? You're all gonig to be hungover for hte wedding pitcures." She asked him softly.

"We're so tanned you can't tell we're green...." Malcolm's voice was muffled and tired sounding. Considering that by the time he'd gotten into bed it had been past 2 am, and breakfast had arrived via tray at 8 am, Alice figured letting him go back to sleep might be good. He was a guy, shower, shave, suit and he was good to go. The guests were to gather for hte wedding at 6 pm and the reception afterwards until the New Year rolled around.

Alice rolled the tray away from the bed and left his meal under it's cover. It'd probably be cold by the time he'd want to eat it anyways, but she figured that it wasn't gonig to hurt to keep the cover on it. She dug into her eggs with gusto, still laughing silently at Malcolm's indisposed state. Yesterday had been...interesting. She remembered their little bathroom frolick with a blush and her fork paused as she also remembered that yesterday he had told her that he loved her. Her fork shook and the eggs fell off and back onto the plate. She set her fork down, no longer hungry as her stomach churned. He loved her. Malcolm Vega had said he loved her. She kept running it through her head, still not wholly believing it had happened. She had gone and fallen in love with him, and if she was really honest with herself, she knew she'd been half in love with him for a while anyways. So saying that she loved him back had been easy. Accepting that he loved her though, that was not something she ever really expected.

It made her feel weird, in all truthfulness. Like her heart was being filled with too much fluid and would burst at any moment. Her stomach would lurch and clench, alternating between butterflies and nausea as she mentally adjusted to the fact that she was in love and he loved her in return. It was a sad reflection on her emotional state that she could handle sex easier than love. She heard a snore from the bed and snorted softly, emotional turmoil shattered. Of course she was in love, and he loved her back. It was hte only reason she hadn't pinched him all night long everytime he started to snore.

Alice had her nightmare like usual and woke up around 1 am. Knowing that sleeping in a strange hotel room, alone, wondering when Malcolm would be coming back wasn't gonig to help her drift off any faster, Alice had clicked on the ensuite tv, watching really bad reality shows until she felt suitably brain dead. She'd turned off the tv and was settling back into sleepiness when Malcolm had come in. After that she hadn't gotten much sleep, between helping him get sick and his drunken snores, she'd ended up curling up on the couch and watching tv until she drifted off. Their prescheduled breakfast had woken her up, and after eating, she planned to try and catch another couple of hours, figuring that tonight was gonig to be a busy night.

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