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Malcolm hated having to leave Alice in hte hotel room alone like that, but she understood. His mind still reeled from the fact that he had told her he loved her. And that she had said it back. That really surprised him. He hadn't meant to say it so soon, but having Alice in his arms like that while they were in a hotel suite had just been too perfect. Still it amazed him that he had said it already.

With Shawna things had been different. Easier, and less chaotic, and a compelte farce. Meeting Alice and having her point out the fact that he was lying to the woman he was living with, and worse, to himself had changed how he was able to live with himself. It meant he wouldn't let his head lie to his heart anymore, and the words had followed that.

He paced in the hallway, ignoring the amused and curious looks he was receiving from his Abuelo, his father and the other male relatives that were about to kidnap Diego. Kasumi hadn't even made it as far as her room before the females had descended upon her and swept her away. Someone had taken her bags and dropped them off in the ajoining suite, then with a smell of liquor and chocolate, they were away.

He needed to try and focus on his little brother right now, it was Diego's big day tomorrow and tonight was supposed to be all about living up his last night as a 'free man'. Malcolm managed to shut away his frustration at having to leave Alice alone upstairs right after making love to her in time to help his male relatives barge into Diego's room and grab the groom.

Diego put up a fuss of course. This may be a family tradition, but there were no actual rules beyond the males and females are seperate. Something about protecting male ego and pride, though Malcolm serious believed that it was so the girls didn't have to censor themselves around their men folk. They stuck a giant baby soother in Diego's mouth, and tied it around his face with a lacy pink thong, sticking a cheap crown on his head that had the words BACHELOR PARTY on it in big letters. Using more lingere, Diego was hog tied and carried downstairs to a waiting limosine. People gawped and laughed, pointing at the groom to be and his family. The Vega men were not hard on the eyes, even Abuelo had a regal charm and he was in his eighties by now, so some of the looks were more appraising than amused, but Malcolm just ignored them all.

Chucked into the back of the limo like luggage, Diego couldn't make a lot of noise around hte soother. After everyone climbed in though, they cut the thong and pulled the stupid thing out, but left him tied up. "For your health." Abuelo stated in triumph, and poured a shot of old tequila into Diego's mouth.

The groom drank it and coughed, everyone around him already prepared with their own shots for hte groom.

"For your wealth." Malcolm's father stated and gave Diego another shot of tequila. Around the limo, each male relative made a toast for Diego's marriage and forcefed the shot to the groom. Malcolm waited for last, listening to everyone toast Diego and Kasumi for good health, wealth, fat babies, good jobs, safe home, sweet in-laws and fabulous sex. Finally as older brother, it was Malcolm's turn to toast his brother.

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