Alice stared at the house she'd suffered so much in and had to take a deep breath to stop the tremors from shaking her hands. Mental fingers were crossed that this would be the last time she'd ever have to endure these people or this place again. Once her hands stopped trembling, Alice slid out of the back seat and walked with Malcolm and Salali to the front door. She stared at it for a second and even though she had a key, she knocked.

The others didn't say anything, instead waiting like sentinels as they heard footsteps approaching. From the timid sounding clicks, Alice knew it was Mrs. Walter answering. She held no real animosity for the foster mother, just disappointment that she'd never once objected to how her husband and son treated Alice. But it had long ago occured to Ace that maybe Mrs. Walter had suffered as much abuse from them as Alice did.

The door opened and Mrs. Walter gaped out at Alice and her escort. Her eyes were wide and fearful and her mouth was pinched in a tight line. "I don't understand?" she almost whispered to the trio at the door.

"I'm getting my things, and I'm leaving." Alice stated, in wonder at herself for sounding so calm.

"Leaving?" Mrs. Walter squeaked.

"Yes." Malcolm stated, voice void of the anger that clenched his jaw. "We're taking her things and going."

Mrs. Walter just blinked, not really understanding the situation. Alice felt almost bad for leaving her with those two brutes that claimed to be men. But it wasn't her job to protect Mrs. Walter, it was supposed to be the other way around. "You should leave too." she stated softly, finally voicing her concern. Despite the active ignorance Mrs. Walter had used towards Alice's abuse, Ace couldn't help but care a little bit for the other woman. It just wasn't in her nature to enjoy leaving a victim with monsters. Unfortunately someone had heard her little warning.

The door tore open, pulled from Mrs. Walter's careful grasp to reveal a very red-faced and angry looking Mr. Walter. He reached out to grab Alice by the front of her borrowed jacket and hauled her inside, slamming the door before either Mal or Salali could react. He slammed her back against the door where she felt the others pounding to be let in. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he snarled at her, one fist still caught in her jacket, the other pulled back to land a slap across her face. But for once Alice didn't cringe, didn't cower.

"Getting the f*** away from you." she stated calmly. "You and your rapist of a son. Guess what Mr. Walter? Kharma is a b**** and she's coming home to roost." she grabbed his hand and jerked it off of her jacket. Then she calmly opened the door for Malcolm and Salali. Mr. Walter just glared at her, not sure how to handle her newer, calmer demeanor. "I'd like you to meet Malcolm the Boyscout and Sal the Boss. If you or your son ever touch me again, they will end you. Now I'm going to grab my belonging and get out of here." Alice stated, the fear she'd not felt earleir suddenly welling up inside. All of this was sheer bravado, something Mal seemed to realize. His attitude wasn't an act, he stepped insisde the door and ended up really close in front of Mr. Walter.

"Let's grab your things, Mrs. Walter, would you come with us please?" Salali asked, the confused and timid fost mother following in her wake. Salali let Alice point towards the basement and then led the charge downstairs. Of course he was there. Stuart was lounging on Alice's bed, obviously having heard the commotion upstairs. He smirked at the three woman as if they were inferior creatures.

"So I hear you think you're getting out?" Stuart asked, voice smooth with mockery. He rose from the bed and walked over to where Alice was. He didn't even acknowledge his mother or the massive Native woman on either side of her. Stuart leaned down a little, as if he was going to whisper a secret. "But even if you leave, you'll never forget me." he said softly and crashed his mouth down onto hers. Alice jerked back and wiped her mouth off while he laughed at her.

"You only wish you were that memorable! What's there to recall, your pathetic dick size or the fact that you couldn't get a woman to sleep with you even if you offered money? Really Stuart, you're more than a little pathetic." she replied nonchalantly, but inside she felt sick. He was right, she would never forget him. There weren't many physical reminders, but there was enough emotional and mental scarring to last a lifetime of therapy. But now that she was actually getting out of here, she was not letting him get that last win. He frowned down at her assured attitude and opened his mouth to say something snide when they all heard a loud thud from upstairs. The four of them looked upwards as if they could see what was going on through the ceiling above them. A moment after the thud, there was sounds of one set of footsteps and shuffling.

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