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The clock struck midnight but not a single body on the dance floor turned into a pumpkin. A throbbing trip hop was blasting through the speakers, a mash up DJ Mask noticed was a huge hit with the writhing mass of bodies below. These people dancing in abandon were lost to the world around them and willingly absorbed into the one DJ Mask wove around them. It was almost physically jarring when the music was layered and replaced by tin can club beats. DJ Mask's set was done, and it was time for the next DJ to be announced. There was roars of applause and excitment as the club owner bade thanks to DJ Mask, and Alice slipped behind the curtain to change. Originally Salali was supposed to meet her here with a change of clothes so Alice could enjoy the rest of the night. But after learning that her friends and once lover Honon had died, Ace had reluctantly asked Mal to meet her here.

What she hadn't expected was to see him here ready to dance. Malcolm was wearing well worn jeans that were slung low on his hips. He had a simple black button down shirt on, but in the heat of the club, he'd unbuttoned it and it hung open to frame a rather delicious looking body.

The thing about having a personna like DJ Mask, was that the character tended to develop their own personality almost. Even though you originally came up with their existence, that personna has the power to alter your behaviour. So while she still had on the body armour of Mask and had just pulled off the covering face, Alice acted without any thought to repercussions and grabbed the front of Malcolm's jeans, pulling him closer and then landed a kiss to his lips. Then the more logical woman flushed and stepped back.

"Sorry. Got caught up in the music." Alice explained, suddenly awkward. She really had to stop doing that.

Thankfully Malcolm laughed. "You know how weird it was to have an alien DJ kiss me?" he teased. Alice narrowed her eyes at him, about to retort when he pointed to where her outfit was.

Alice shucked the costume eagerly. It was hot! Eyes were heavy against her skin and she looked over her shoulder to see Malcolm staring at her. She'd stripped down to her skivvies right in front of him without hesitation, not to be a tease, but simply because she hadn't been body conscious in a long while. If anyone popped their head back here it would look terrible. Here she was in black booty shorts and her Leboutin knock offs, silky dress clutched to her chest for a modicrum of cover. In a rush she pulled the dress on over her head and tied it up, her heart ramming in her chest. Then she pulled her long hair out of its braided bun and left it down. Long hair is sexy and feminine, but it also was hot and tangled like a rat's nest. But she'd deal with that later.

"I'll take this out to the car. Be back soon." Malcolm stepped up close to her to grab the costume from her. Alice was clutching it to her abdomen and when he slid his hands around to grasp it, his hand brushed along the front of her body, a teasing touch that sent shivers racing across her skin.

"I'll be on the dance floor. I'm sure you'll find me." Alice replied and slipped out back through the curtain. He's your teacher, he's got a girlfriend. You need to remember this and stop kissing him! Alice scolded herself internally. There was just something about him though. It wasn't that he made her feel safe so much as when she was around him, she felt like she'd never been a victim. He made her feel special and normal all at once.

Since she couldn't seem to stop thinking about him, Alice pushed thoughts of Mal to the side of her brain and instead focused on sinking into the crowd and enjoying the new DJ's set. DJ Mask was still building a following, too new to really be a main act, so the DJ that Mask had opened for was now showcasing. And he was good. It wasn't hard for Alice to let the music wash over her and clear away all thoughts, instead just live for the moment and the beat.

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