Poetry by peachyjaydee
Poetryby Jayde
hey! so i will be posting my poems into this book they're all really random so there isn't just one topic that i write about like some of them would be inspired by boo...
  • stories
  • friendship
  • yellow
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Ironies and Intangibillities by messysoul03
Ironies and Intangibillitiesby messysoul03
Everything for some Some feelings captured in words for others
  • death
  • feelings
  • relationsip
Perfection Redefined by GirlBookworm
Perfection Redefinedby GirlBookworm
Crack. Came a resounding slap to her face, reddening her smooth cheek. "Your mother is gone now. You will do as I say Colette." Her father said in an eerily e...
  • millionaire
  • doctor
  • london
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Seasons of You by Samantha_Ryan
Seasons of Youby
A collection of poetry written in the wake of a failed relationship. ( I have submitted many of my stronger poems for publication and cannot publish them on another foru...
  • sad
  • life
  • emotions
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What If? by lifestories111
What If?by lifestories111
Life is all about taking risks and chances, at least that was what Eleanor had thought to be true. It was freshman year, a fresh start for everyone. At the time, one of...
  • friendship
  • mustread
  • love
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Relationship advice/problems [My perspective and advice] by minecraftgamernerd07
Relationship advice/problems [My twdfreak
just my perspective and advice on relationships
  • relationsip
  • love
  • romance
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The Bartender at Ristorante Romano by AlannahWedstein
The Bartender at Ristorante Romanoby AlannahWedstein
Alicia, 17, is the daughter of Chef Antonio Romano, the owner of Ristorante Romano. The restaurant one of the most distinguished Italian restaurants in the country, and...
  • teenager
  • secret
  • relationsip
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Eternal love by OsamaManzoor1
Eternal loveby Osama Manzoor
Its a Story About a boy growing and getting in relationship with different Girls every relationship was true and real for him thinking he loves them. It was Never hard f...
  • lovemakesyoufeeltheworld
  • romance
  • findinglove
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Slayers: When Right Becomes Wrong by Muerte
Slayers: When Right Becomes Wrongby Muerte
Lisanna Sinclaire isn't a normal girl. As a child, she's been through more than the average adult goes through in a lifetime. And she came through it broken, maimed for...
  • relationsip
  • student
  • teacher
Perhaps Not by deloosional
Perhaps Notby deloosional
Luna Alaska. A unique and beautiful name. With a name like that, one would expect Luna Alaska to be living a unique and beautiful life. Perhaps not. Luna Alaska, a 17-y...
  • violence
  • broke
  • school
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Call Me Quinn by Confid3nce
Call Me Quinnby Confid3nce
Quinn Baker is 17. Her dad and 5 brothers left when she was 5 and ever since then shes been a "rebel". When her mom finally hits her breaking point she sends...
  • girl
  • brothers
  • badass
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Queen of Spades (House of Cards Series 1) [Student/Teacher Relationship] by Trewest
Queen of Spades (House of Cards Tricia
{For those who HATE student/teacher stories, TRY THIS ONE ANYWAYS. I dare you to read it and say it was a waste of time} Alice 'Ace' Spade had fled her horrible foster f...
  • relationsip
  • student
  • relationship
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Don't forget me. by Harnetto
Don't forget Olivia
Bad luck, that's Blair Van der Built. Her life has been nothing but. When she goes to London for her eighteenth birthday she meets mysterious bad boy Harry Styles. They...
  • boys
  • relationships
  • love
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Broken by AshleyNichole1314
Brokenby Ashley
  • broken
  • brake
  • wondering
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She and Him by LScarlett
She and Himby LScarlett
Isabelle is young, beautiful and talented. When she is offered a job as deputy editor, she jumps at the chance, until she realises the editor of the magazine is her wors...
  • money
  • couple
  • hot
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