Chapter Eight: Dead?

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I open my eyes and take in the room. "My room." Dad had said. I got up and let my feet dangle over the side of my bed. My phone laid on the floor, unplugged. Ergg! It always fell off my bed! I let my feet sink into the plush carpet and walk towards my suitcase. Taking the things I need for a shower, I go to my bathroom.

--------- After quick shower -----------

I lay on my back, my hair still wet, staring at the wall. This was gonna be my lazy day. I closed my eyes and covered up with my blankets.

It seemed like no time that Luke walks in. No knock or anything.

For Luke being Luke, he didn't look okay. Even a little upset. I sit up and stare at him.

"Um... Your dad needs to talk to you.... Like now... Hurry" he said quickly before shutting my door again.

I groan and walk down the stairs.

Dad sits on the coach with his head in his hands. This can't be good.

I sit down beside him and touch his shoulder. "Dad? Are you ok? You don't look good."

He looked up at me with sad eyes. He had dark circles under them indicating he'd been crying for a while.

"I'm so sorry baby." Was all he said before he borrowed his face in my shirt and sobbed. He held me like a little kid with a present on Christmas. Never letting go.

"Dad can you tell me what this is about?" I ask pushing him up to look at his face.

He choked a little before he started to speak.

He spoke slowly but I zoned out.

It couldn't be true.

They couldn't be gone.

They were still at home sitting on the love seat watching movies like they did on weekends.

I stared at him while he told me this information.

This isn't real

This isn't real

This isn't real

I think if I said it enough that it wouldn't be true.

But with my fathers face in front of mine, there was no denying it.

It was true.

They were dead.

My mother and brother are dead.


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