Chapter One: Surprise!

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".... But you say your just a friend" I took out my earphones and stuffed them in my pocket. It been a long flight to LA. And I was exhausted! I'd flown from Maine all the way to California. It being my first time on a plane, it wasn't that bad. The plane landed with a bump and people started to gather their things. I stood up but then sat back down. My legs felt like jello! I hadn't stood the whole flight so it was expected. I grabbed my bags and started to get off. It was hot outside! Maine was a cooler state so being here felt like being in a toaster! I walked down the ramp and into the lobby. I looked for my dad. My parents had split when I was ten so I lived with my dad in the summer and at my moms for school. My dad is a producer. He finds people who can sing and brings them to his boss, who then makes them a big star. My dad always wanted me to meet his boss and sing for him, but I never wanted to. I've sang ever since I could talk, but becoming famous was not on my to-do list. I looked around for him then finally saw him. He was wearing tan shorts and a his Hawaii shirt he always loved. I ran with my bags and gave him a big bear hug. I closed my eyes shut. It felt like forever since I'd seen him. When I opened my eyes back up. I couldn't believe what I was saw. I let go of my dad without saying a word. I looked at him. "Oh! I guess I should introduce you to Mr. Austin Mahone. You've heard of him right?" My eyes must have gotten the size of meatballs. I was in shock. I walked around my dad and over to the boy sitting down on a bench. I tapped on his shoulder and smiled. He turned around ever so slowly and smiled wildly. "Hi" was all I could get out. I was such a dork. I'd been a mahomie for forever. I'd been to a few of his concerts but never met him. He stood up and fixed his snapback. I wanted to say: "You're so perfect you don't have to fix your hair!" But I didn't. I figured that be pretty freaky for him. He stuck out his hand, "Hey! Your Thalia right? Your dad has talked about you a lot. I'm Austin." I shook his hand with my mouth open. My dad had "talked about me"? God I hope it was positive and not embarrassing! "You're Austin Mahone. THE Austin Mahone....." I was so cool and chill on the outside, but on the inside I was screaming like a little girl. "Yea," he said, "I am. Are you a mahomie?" He asked me grinning. Knowing the answer. I shook my head yes just when my dad walked up beside me. "Thalia, this is your surprise. I brought Austin with me. We were at the studio and I thought it be funny to see your face when you met him. I was still to much in shock to say anything. All I did was stare.

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