Chapter 14: Ignoring?

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The next few days were hell.

Not only did I have to sit at the table with "my family" as dad said, I had to talk to them too.

The monster tried to be more of a mom that I wanted at the moment. I guess she didn't get the memo when I slammed my door in her face.

She actually tried to get me to go shopping with her! I mean my mother just died for god sakes!

I basically stayed in my room for a month. But after that month, dad came knocking on my door.

I lazily got up and opened it just a crack so I could see him. "Hey! Um.... I was just wandering I you'd want to come to the studio today? It just be me and you. Maybe you could record?"

I stared at him a moment before opening the door farther. He smiled and stepped closer to me, opening his arms widely and embracing me into a right hold. I stood there letting him hug me without hugging back for a minute then hugged back. I might be stuck with a monster for a step mother, but my dad is all I have left.


At the studio, my dad and I stood for hours, him playing every song and me, singing every word without hesitation. It felt good in a way to let out all the emotion. But in the other, memories of my mom and me singing together while she played the piano hit me hard to the heart.

My mom is the one who taught me how to sing and how to play the piano and guitar. We used to sit for hours just going over songs and singing then together.

My dad used to say, before he left us, that I was just a blonde and miniature her.

I sing the last verse of the song I was singing just as the sound of the front door opening rings through the speaker.

I turn off the mic and walk out of the room when Austin appears around the corner.

To my surprise he doesn't even notice me, or so I think.

He simply waves to my dad and starts to talk about his new single.

I stand in awe as he continued to ignore me.

Finally, I go up to dad and him and stand. But still nothing! I sigh loudly when him and dad move to the room and shut the door!

I give up and sit at the board. Staring at my phone until a finger taps my shoulder.

I turn around and dad stands there smiling. I glare at him and stand up walking to the door to leave.

"What? We just had a talk!" He said giving my that look like: "it's not my fault!"

I continued to ignore him then saw Austin getting into his car.

He was wearing a dark red shirt and black skinny jeans with one of his famous snapbacks. He hopped into his Range and started it driving away with music blaring through the window.

We got into our car and started to drive home.

On the way, I couldn't help but wonder why the hell he didn't say one word to me.

Then it hit me: celebrities are total asses.


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