Chapter 17: And you thought you knew me

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We pulled up to McDonalds and went inside. We had exactly and hour to eat and be back at school. I ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget and a small coke just like I always do when I come here. Which is often.

Austin gets a huge burger and a large fry and coke to go along. I smile. He turns his head to look at me but when he does, the smile he himself had had on his face diminishes and his eyes grow colder. I turn and look around for any cause but there aren't any other people in here. I feel awkward so I go and fill up my drink and find a small table by the window. He slowly appears in front of me and sits. I open my nugget box and begin to eat. Austin stares out the window, looking at the cars the are leaving the drive-through.
"Are you okay?" I ask just wanting to get whatever was bugging him out of the way.
He turns my way with the same cold look in his eyes he had before.
It was really weird to see him like that after always laughing and smiling in pictures. He looks down at his uneaten hamburger but then slowly lifts his head to look at me.
"I can't be friends with you."
Confusion hits me first, then anger.

Why would he ask me here?

Why would he ask me out on a date?


It didn't make since.


He shrugged and it was like I could see the wall appear between us. He was slowly shutting me out.

I wouldn't take this.

I got up from my seat and grabbed my bag to leave. He watched me walk out the door without a word.

I would not cry.

I would not cry.

I started to run. Fast and hard to school. But the tears overcame me. I fell to my knees and started to sob. This always happened.

They always left.
They never stayed.

I heard footsteps behind me so I turned my back further away from the sound, shielding my face.

Strong arms wrapped around me but I jerked away. No. I would not let him talk his way back in.

"Get off!" I stood and wiped the tears off my face, still with my back to him.

"It's not what you think." He says trying to turn me around to face him.
I started walking again towards the school. It was only maybe a mile. Nothing big.

"Are you really gonna walk back? It's almost two miles."

I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking.

I didn't need anyone in my life.

I could do bad all by myself.


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