Chapter 15: No time like the present

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Waking up in the morning has never been my thing... But when someone who you don't like anyway tries to wake you up, you better watch out because I'm about to start World War 3...

Dad insisted on me starting school in a private school because that's where Luke and Lizzy go.

But personally, I so don't feel like spending the day with uppity jerks who's mommy and daddy have three houses in the Bahamas.

The Monster calls me to get up so willingly, just so she could shut up, I get up and hop in the shower.

After I'm done I dress, do my hair and go down stairs to see what chariot awaits me.

Keys sat on the counter and and a brand new iPhone. I about choked.

Guess their jobs paid well...

I opened the phone to find a note:


Directions are programmed into your phone. Just some gifts from me. The other is outside... Enjoy school and I'll talk to you later. Remember, I love you. Always. ~Dad

I opened the directions and grabbed the keys and headed out the door.

Just as I closed the house door the big red bow caught my attention. A new Jeep.

It was beautiful. Bright baby blue. OH. God I loved it already...

I hopped in and pulled out of the long driveway and followed the directions to my new elite school.

The school was huge! Stone and large, you could tell the rich went here from miles away.

Just as I suspected expensive cars lined the parking spots with expensive looking people walking from them.

I about gagged. Again.

I parked beside a BMW and walked to the entrance. Following the signs to Main Office I finally found my way.

They told me my schedule and have me a map of the school to help me.

Guided by the large group of people in the hall, I finally found my locker. Which looked more like a large closet. I set my little bag if brought with me inside and closed it. Locking it with the little key they'd given me as well.

Finding my first class wasn't that hard considering that it was right across the hall from my locker.

I walked in and greeted the teacher. Telling her I was new and my name. She pointed to my seat as she said welcome.

As the people filed in I observed.

One by one they came in with their expensive clothing and purses.

Then he came in. Sat down beside me and smiled.

Without breaking our gaze, I smiled back.

He was perfect

He had hazel eyes

He loves red

He can sing

You guessed it

Austin Mahone.


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