Chapter 20: Social Butterfly

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Still exhausted from not sleeping on the weekend, I was reluctant to get up this morning.

Reaching for my keys and purse, I headed out the door without saying a word to anyone.

I wasn't completely sure of my way to school but I found my way somehow.

Finding my locker and getting my books for first period was difficult because I could barely keep my eyes open.

I hadn't bothered with makeup or any fancy dress. I just threw on some leggings, a sweater and some Uggs and left.

So what if the uppities don't like me...I couldn't care less.

First through fifth went by like a flash and before I knew it, it was lunch time.

I found the cafeteria and sat down on a little two seating table with my tray.

Hamburgers that looked like plastic.


I took a bite. Not because I wanted to but because I was hungry.

A tray slammed down in front of me and a petite blonde sat down.

"Hi. I see you're new here so I thought you might need some help." She stated, taking a drink of milk.

I smiled, "I'm okay, really. Just don't know anybody."

She frowned and held out her hand. "Well you know me now. My name is Jessana but you can call me J."

I shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Thalia. Some people called me Lia back..."

I lost my words when this beautiful guy walked up behind Jessana and kissed her head.


That's hotness.

She pulled away from his lips and in a friendly way, slapped him.

"Kent stop! We have a newbie. He name is Thalia or Lia."

When his eyes met mine I almost stood up and licked his face. He was beautiful.

He held out his hand. "Hey I'm Kent."

"Thalia. Nice to um, meet you." I stuttered. He grinned.

"He has that affect on girls. You'll get over that quickly," J said.

My eyes grew wide and they both smiled again.

"So where'd you come from?" Kent asked.

"I'm from Maine actually. I'm um visiting, well staying, with my dad." Although I did not want to explain why.

Part of me sensed they knew that so they redirected from that topic.

"Okay. Well if you ever wanna hang out, you know go to the mall or something call me." J grabbed my phone from beside my tray and entered her number. Then, Kent grabbed it and entered his too.

They both smiled and walked away to go dump their trays.

Well aren't I just the social butterfly of the day.


I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, again. Sadly, this was becoming a habit.

Then my phone chimed.

From: Kent 😎😈
Hey :)

I wondered how he got my number then realized he had texted himself from my number when he had entered his.

From: Me

From: Kent 😎😈
Wass up?

From: Me
Nm. Chillin @ home. U?

From: Kent 😎😈
Same. How u likin Cali?

From: Me
Ok I guess. Little different from Maine. How long have u been here?

From: Kent 😎😈
All my life. I never really liked it tho.

From: Me
Yea. Same. I miss Maine.

From: Kent 😎😈
Why'd u move?

I thought for a minute about whether or not to tell him the truth about my mom. Deciding on what was best I went for the less complicated answer.

From: Me
Just needed to get away.

From: Kent 😎😈
O. I see. Boyfriend back home?

Oh wow. He really just asked me that.

From: Me

From: Kent 😎😈
That's... Sad.

What? I was gonna see where this went.

From: Me
It is. You and Jessana seem happy together.

From: Kent 😎😈
We're not together. Just friends.

Oh. Ok. Well I'm going to go to sleep. I don't want to look zombie for school again. Good night.

From: Kent 😎😈
U didn't look like a zombie.
Looked cute. But good night

I tried not to dwell on the fact that he had just called me cute and went to bed.

That night I was finally able to have good night dreams.


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