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Chapter Three: The recording booth

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We pulled into a large parking lot with only a few cars in it. Dad parked around the back of the building and shut off the car. I opened my door and stepped out. I was really tired of riding in a car, and a plane!

We got inside and I looked in amazement. I'd never been in a recording studio before. Every time I'd come down for the summer, dad would take off work, but this time he was super booked and couldn't.

The walls were covered in a foam material. "This is where the magic happens!" Austin said, coming up behind me. I laughed and started to explore. I looked on the walls at old celebrities. Way back to the 60's! I mean wow! My dad broke me out of my trance. "Austin you can take a 20 minute break and show Thalia around the place if you want..." Dad said fiddling with some papers on what I guessed was his desk. "Sure. My pleasure!" Austin walked over to me and offered his arm. I looked at at him and smiled. I can NOT believe this is happening!!! I wanted to scream! But I knew it freak him out so I kept my mouth shut.

He showed me the booth first. We walked into this glassed in room. "Hold on a sec." Austin said walking out biting his lip. Wow, he was cute. I heard a beep and a light came on my mic that hung from the ceiling. I looked at Austin confused. Was he gonna sing for me?

He walked back into the booth and shut the door. He walked over to me and flipped a switch that was on the wall. "Your dad told me you can sing?!" -end-

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