Chapter 18: Unbelieveable

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I stared at my closet.


God that bugged me. With all the money dad had given me to buy clothes I hadn't touched it. Yet. And I was still waiting for my stuff to be sent here from moms.

It still seems so weird to call it that. Moms.

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I wasn't feeling fancy. It was Friday and I was ready to party.

Partying wasn't something I normally did but I've decided to change.

No more of the nice and shy girl who played by the rules, I was done with her.

I picked up a pair of heals that I'd brought with me for the award events that dad said we might go to. So I had been prepared.

Slipping them on and looking in the mirror, I flipped my hair around and sprayed my loose curls.

Even though I had no one to party with I was ok with that. I looked good. Really good.

I pulled a jean jacket on and grabbed my keys.

Time to party.


The music was loud and the people were rude.

And I swear every time I passed a guy, he grabbed my butt. Sometimes, if they were cute, I might turn and flirt back but others I wanted to slap across the face.

I made my way over to the bar and ordered a beer.

I never really thought about them checking my age.
Guess I looked old enough.

I sipped on my beer watching the people around me laugh and dance.

"Need another?" A deep voice asked from over my shoulder.

I turned and smiled. He was cute. Really cute.


He smirked and asked the bartender for another beer.

"How is a girl like you here all alone?" He asked, staring deep into my eyes.

I shrugged and sipped the new beer.

I guess I should watch how much I drink.. I didn't have my own personal DD.

He kept looking at me with deep thought.

His eyes were a weird color. I mean they were beautiful too. They were hazel with little specks of gold everywhere.

"You have beautiful eyes." I said to him not caring that I somewhat just called him beautiful.

He smiled. "You're beautiful altogether."

He said it with such confidence and grace it almost made my heart flutter.

But I knew guys like these.

Didn't want more than 24 hours.

He ran his hand up and down my thigh.

I looked at his hand and back up into his eyes, curious.

He stood and motioned for me to follow him.

I sat for a minute, trying to decide if I should be following a man I didn't know outside.

Whatever. I wasn't a shy little girl anymore.

I could handle myself.

I downed the rest of my beer and followed him out the door.

He stood by a limo, hand in his pockets looking at me.

"Hop in." He said opening the door, motioning again for me to get in.

"Do you really think she's gonna get into a car with someone she doesn't know and leave?"

I knew that voice.

I didn't want to ever hear that voice again.


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