Chapter Six: Expect the Unexpected

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Chapter Six: Expect the Unexpected

The doorknob turns and I sit up to look. Great. Luke walks in and smiles. "Being my stepbrother doesn't mean you get to come in here whenever, you know how to knock right?" I ask him. He looks at me surprised by my harsh words. "Well nice to see you too!" He says coming over and sits in the spinning chair in the corner of the room. "Sorry, I'm just really tired..." I say back to him while plopping back on the bed. "I was just wondering if you would want to come with me to dinner. Mom and your dad are taking Lizzy out so I thought we could do something...?" He asks spinning around in circles. Amazing how boys can be entertained with such little things.

I pull my phone out and check the time. 5:30. Then I thought of something. What time was Austin gonna pick me up? How was he gonna fine me? I ran out of my room and down to my dad.

"Dad??? What time is Austin coming?? How does he know where we live?" I screamed not knowing where he was. He came around the corner holding his ears. "He's coming at 6:30 and he knows where we live because he's been here before..." I sighed and walked back up the stairs. I looked at the clock. 5:40... Great!! I have like no time at all!

I rushed in my room to find Luke still in my room. "I've gotta thing so I need to change..." I said holding the door open. I guess he got the hint because he walked out of my room silently. I picked out an outfit and fixed my hair. After checking myself again and again, I finally was ready. I checked the clock again; 6:20.

As if on que, the doorbell rang. I looked out my window to see a red Range Rover sitting there. Wow nice car. I looked in the mirror, okay I guess. I had on a teal dress with a brown belt and boots. Hair curled and makeup on I was ready whether I liked it or not.

I walked down the stairs to see Austin standing there.

Oh. My. God.

He had on black jeans with a leather jacket and red shoes and shirt on to match.

He smiled, "You look nice." I blushed red, "so do you." I said stepping on the last step. He stuck out his hand for me to take, and I gladly did. Dad was no where to be seen. I'll just text him later.

Austin opens his door and let's me in. Quickly, he shuts the door and runs to the other side. With one swift motion he's in the car and starts it.

He turns the music on and we jam out all the way to wherever he's taking me.


We pull into a parking lot and stop. I look up I see the sign. Olive Garden. I could've guessed. I smiled and start to open the door. As I do, it get yanked open by Austin. "Allow me." He said bowing and grinning ear to ear. I took his hand again and stepped out. My ankle twists and I fall to the ground hitting my head on the back of the at door. Owwww.

"OH MY GOD! Are you ok??" Austin says helping me up. I smile and hold my head. He holds his hand over mine on my head. His eyes met mine and just stared.

"Umm." I said breaking the gaze between us. "Are you ok?" He asked again. I realized I didn't answer his question. "Yes I'm fine." I say laughing. He smiled and shut the door. He held his hand on my waist which I he wasn't Austin Mahone would have been a little awkward but considering he WAS Austin Mahone so I was ok with it.

We ordered our food which consisted of a big bowl of spaghetti to share. There were no meatballs so don't go all Lady and the Tramp on me. Not kissing him on the first date. (Even though that be pretty cool)

As we ate we talked about our lives. He talked about his career and I talked about my life back in Maine.

After about 30 minutes of eating Austin stopped talking and looked at me. He looked down then back up again.

Finally he said, "Can I ask you a question?"

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