Chapter Nine: The Aftermath

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I stayed in bed for days. Staring at my walls. Sometimes it felt as though they were closing in on me but to be honest, I really could care less if they did.

All I felt was grief. No more emotions.

Every time I'd move, it hurt more so I just stopped trying.

Agonizing grief.

Dad tried to feed me. He tried getting me out of bed but he stopped trying too eventually. It was no use.

My phone was dead. Had been for days. I guess no one knew what really happened.

I tried to think about what happened but I couldn't.

It was like my heart was torn from my body.

I didn't have my heart anymore.

I rolled over to plug in my phone when a light knock came to my door.

I was shocked because rarely did anyone knock. I stared in disbelief.

Some part of my body managed to say come in. Soon regretting it.

My heart picked up pace that it hadn't had in days.

Austin Mahone stepped inside my bedroom and leaned up against the doorframe.

He smiled a sympathetic smile and walked closer.

At this time I realized that I needed a shower. Badly.

I'd been sitting in this room for 7 days and not moved but to use the bathroom.

He say at the end of my bed and opened his arms wide. At this moment I didn't want to cry in front if him. But the tears came rolling.

I sobbed in his shirt while taking in his fresh clean smell.

He held me tight in his arms while not saying a word while I lay in his arms, sobbing.

------- --------

"Thalia, can you open your eyes? I wanna see them." Said the most sweetest voice I'd heard in a while. I opened my eyes and the light hit them quickly, making me close them again. The voice laughed and rubbed a finger on my cheek.

I opened my eyes again. They met his and it felt as though all my cares vanished.

He smiled and played with my hair. I wanted to tell him I needed a shower, but at the moment I didn't want to move.

He smelled so good. He smelled like safety.

Safety from grief.

Safety from pain.

Safety form what I had to deal with when I got out of this bed.

"Are you hungry? Your dad made breakfast. I can go get you some if you for wanna go down there." Austin said rubbing my back softly.

I stared at him. Why was he here? Why was he in my bed with me, under the blankets? Had he been here all night? I was so confused.

He giggled, "stop staring at me like that! It makes me wanna......" He stopped and his smile faded.

Then he kisses me.

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