Chapter 13: The Past is The Past

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One time when I was little, probably about 10, I remember sitting in my room listening to my parents argue downstairs. They fought over the littlest of things...

Anyway, I used to tell myself I would never be like that.

That when I get married, if I ever did, that I would never fight.

Well, a couple of months ago, before I left for Cali, my boyfriend (ex now),Xander, was the best boyfriend a girl could have.

Until one day, we got into an argument and he hit me.

I know you're probably a thinking: what? But yes, he hit me square in the jaw.

To this day I don't quite know what I did to set him off, but I do know that I walked away from him and never looked back.

He tried apologizing over and over but I ignored every word.

Sometimes I wonder: what if?

What if I hadn't left? Could he have possibly hurt me more?

What if he never hit me in the first place? Would we still be together?

Then I scratch out my whole brain and sink back into reality.

I'd never felt more embarrassed going into school with half of my jaw black and blue.

I vowed to myself then that never ever again would I love anyone like I loved Xander.

Then I moved on and told myself:

The Past is The Past


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