Chapter 16: Do what?

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"So you go here?" Austin asked me placing his books on his desk. I stared at him like I was looking at a ghost.

"Why are you here?" I remarked while getting ready for my Bell Ringer. My other teachers always had one on the board in my old school when we entered the room; so I was thankful for some normality.

"Well, your dad has me pretty much booked for the studio and I have some award show that's near here coming soon. So my mom and your dad thought it was best that I keep in school while I'm here," he smirked while shrugging.

I was gonna ask him how he was going here with all the people that would surely know him, but just as I was he must have read my mind.

"They also said since this is such a prestigious school, that people wouldn't bother me as much as a public school would. Obviously that's not happening." As he said that I noticed all the stares that he was attracting.

He blushed, sitting down in his desk. He turned to me and started to say, "Can I ask you something?" But the teacher walked in the the question was cut off.

Guess I'll have to wait until later...


After class I packed up my things and started to walk out the door when an arm grabs mine. I turn to see Austin smiling at me. "As I was gonna ask you, do you wanna go to lunch with me?"


Away we went.


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