Chapter Two: Car rides can be fun?

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My dad escorted Austin an me back to the unmarked SUV. I guess since Austin was pretty famous so I guess we had to be hidden somewhat. Dad sat in the driver seat. When Austin and I got to the door he stopped and opened it for me. My heart literally melted. I smiled and hopped in scooting to the other side. Austin hopped in and shut the door. I glanced at my dad who was grinning from ear to ear. It was pretty cool to be sitting next to Austin Mahone my first day in LA! "Are we going back to the studio?" Austin asked. My dad said yes and we got on the highway. Austin turned to me. "So. How old are you again?" He smiled at me and looked at me waiting for me to respond. "16, my birthday is in a few weeks" he nodded. "I guess you know a lot of stuff about me?" He scratched the back of his head smiling. I blushed, "Sorry. Probably a little freaky for you..." I looked out the window. I could see his reflection in the window. He smiled, "Actually it's pretty cool to meet a sane mahomie." I took it a little hard the 'sane' part. I'm definitely not sane about him. He's absolutely perfect. His eyes and perfect teeth and smile. And plus his music is constantly on replay on my phone. "So you come from Maine? I've been there for a few shows." I turned to face him. I fettled with my fingers. "Yea I've been to your concerts.." I looked up at him and smiled shyly. A big grin spread across his face. In that moment, I felt amazing. I'd finally met my idol. -end-

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