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Second Chances {ACM} by mahonestars
Second Chances {ACM}by mahonestars
What happens when the school bad boy gets the innocent Emily Smith pregnant?
New Beginnings {ACM} by mahonestars
New Beginnings {ACM}by mahonestars
It's been 2 in a half years since Emily gave birth to her and Austin's daughter, Lucy Mahone. 2 years filled with many different emotions. Austin and Emily can agree tha...
Bulletproof by Bad_Boy_Hemmo
Bulletproofby happy bb
"This isn't fair, don't you try to blame this on me, my love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me." *Warning: This story contains, violence...
Abused {ACM} by mahonestars
Abused {ACM}by mahonestars
Abby's dad is abusive. She's kept her little secret for five years, until one night Austin finds out. He promises to protect her - but what will Austin do when Abby's ta...
Not So Bad - A.M. by amazingacm
Not So Bad - m
[ complete ] Ava Carter is like many other teenage girls. She's smart, positive, and an all around nice person. Austin Mahone is the exact opposite. She's never cared m...
Heart Skips A Beat {ACM} by mahonestars
Heart Skips A Beat {ACM}by mahonestars
Ally is the quiet, shy girl. Austin is the schools bad boy, who just so happens to bully Ally. What happens when Ally gets tired of his bullying, and turns around a new...
He Stole My Heart {ACM} by mahonestars
He Stole My Heart {ACM}by mahonestars
Brianna's job at the local bookstore was beyond boring. That is, until captain of the school basketball team and Mr. Popular, Austin Mahone walked in. Every girl in scho...
Instagram « Gianluigi Donnarumma \\ In Revisione by aennetio
Instagram « Gianluigi Donnarumma \ A N T O
In Revisione - @gigiodonna99 ha iniziato a seguirti » tanto forte, potente ed immenso che sembra esagerato ed irrealizzabile - Inizata il 03.01.2017
Need |ACM| by Bad_Boy_Hemmo
Need |ACM|by happy bb
Sequel to Want Story will contain: Strong language, sexual scenes, drug/alcohol use and violence. Read at your own risk
Music Professor by bookworm_2198
Music Professorby Kaitlin Bagwell
Dahlia takes a music class to learn how to play guitar but not only do her and her professor make music, they make passionate love. Contains Adult Content
Summertime (An Austin Mahone Fanfic) by bookworm_2198
Summertime (An Austin Mahone Kaitlin Bagwell
Austin meets with the young and famous music video director Dahlia as he prepares for his big come back after taking a hiatus from his music career but not only do these...
Blake's daughter (Blake Shelton fanfiction) by country-music
Blake's daughter (Blake Shelton 100% pure bitch
Katherine is an average 17 year old country girl in high school. Except, her father is Blake Shelton. She lives with him and sees him a lot but sometimes very little. Bu...
Sizzling Fire • AM • by RauhlinAmeezy
Sizzling Fire • AM •by Read My Stories!
When city girl Brady Manning has to leave her life behind in Brooklyn, New York to move to San Antonio, Texas because of her dad's job promotion, she didn't realise she...
Fisherwood One-Shots by carrieisqueen
Fisherwood One-Shotsby Carrie Underwood
Your daily dose of Fisherwood stories.
There's No Panic Button // a.c.m. by MahoneBucksCoffe
There's No Panic Button // MahoneBucksCoffe
After a freak car accident, he's never felt more alive than he does now.
Should've Been Us by anonymousxogirl
Should've Been Usby anonymousxogirl
Taylor Douglas lives a hard life with her sister and goes through a lot more than you think. Then one day she does something that changes her life. But what will happen...
Fearless (Austin Mahone Fanfic) by made4mahone
Fearless (Austin Mahone Fanfic)by Alison
In life we are motivated by two things: fear and love. We dream to live without fear and to love endlessly. But we are human, we are imperfect. The reality is we let it...