Chapter 12: Then Again...

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After that week of grief and loneliness my life went somewhat back to normal.... Or as close as it could get.

Since my mom was gone, I had no other choice but to stay with my dad. Having a new school my Junior year.... not my type of fun.

The funeral for my mother and brother were held back home so I had a chance to pack up the rest of my things and say my goodbyes to my friends. (All two of them at least)

Now I sit in my new (permanent) room starring at the wall, again. I pull out a box of my moms old photo albums and begin to turn each page. Looking back at my mom and dad together is painfull. I try not to think about what he did. I just tell myself what they told me.

Sometimes people just fall out of love just as easily as they fell in.

The pages crinkle as I turn them. I flip another page just as a knock sounds on my door.

I open the door to find Austin standing with flowers. My heart melts as he extends them to me, sheepishly smiling.

I take them in my arms smelling them and opening my door wider, letting him come in my room.

"Look, I'm really sorry about what happened when.... We... Um-"

"Hey it's fine. No biggy. I mean you were being a friend and comforting me. A friend is really just what I need, really."

He sighs, "Ok good because I really like being your friend even though we kinda just met. You seem really cool...and I'd love to get to know you more. I mean in a totally friend like way.... You know what? I'm babbling so I'm just gonna shut up now.... So"

I smile and laugh at him. We sit on the small couch that sits in the corner of my room looking through the pictures just talking.

Then again, all I really needed was a friend....


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