Chapter 21: Wait, it gets better.

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I took a drink of my milk.

"So wait. She did what at your tenth birthday?" I asked Kent laughing.

Jessana and him were both cracking up retelling a story about his tenth birthday party.

"She got mad that I got a present she wanted for her birthday and threw a piece of cake at my face." He said taking a bite of his burger.

I never thought eating could look so good.

"It wasn't that big of a piece and I had a good reason! I wanted that stupid remote robot so badly and my parents never got it for me because they said it wasn't a toy for a little girl like me. I was crushed!"

We all laughed and started for our next class.

Luckily, I didn't have my next class with Kent or I may have stared at him the whole time.

I hopped in my Jeep and headed home after the last bell, thankful for the end of the day.

I pulled into the 5th door garage and hit the button to close it.
Izzy came running up to me in her little pick tutu and tugged on my bag.

"Thalia!! Can you drive me?" She wined, making puppy dog eyes that could have made the worst serial killer spare your life.

"Take you where, Izzy? I asked her trying not to look directly at her face.

Too adorable.

"The ice cream shop in the mall! I really want ice cream but daddy won't take me and mommy can't 'cuz she's working!" She jumped up and down, emphasizing her predicament.

I mentally rolled my eyes and smiles down at her.

I've always liked kids. Always so innocent and naïve. Never really caring what comes out of their mouths or what they do because they don't have any wisdom yet.

So I took her. All the way to the mall that I had to find on my GPS.

We arrived and no sooner I stopped the Jeep, Izzy jumped out and runs to my side of the car.

I get out and grab her hand to walk across the street. She skips all the way to the door and then all the way to the ice cream shop.

She orders this huge banana split (which I learned was her favorite) and I order a plain white cone.

We pick a place to sit down and eat.

Then a boy sits down in front of me. His eyes were covered with sun glasses and his head with a hat but I knew who it was.

"AUSTIN MAHONE?!?" Izzy streaked.

Evidently, Izzy knew who it was too.

He smiled widely and covered her mouth with his hand.

Then he turned to me. Even in disguise he was sexy.

I looked away before I started to drool.

"What are you doing? You shouldn't be in the middle of a mall. This could end badly." I said looking around to all the people that were around us. Luckily, they were somewhat old, unlikely to know who Austin is.

He grinned. "I saw your jeep pull into the mall. Thought I'd say hi."

I looked over to Izzy who looked like she was about to pass out on the floor.

I shook my head and laughed. I imagined that's probably what I looked like when I first met him.

I hand tapped my shoulder just then.

I knew as soon as I saw that pretty face it was Kent.

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

I was screwed.

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