Chapter 22: To Be a Cloud

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"Wow that was awkward." Izzy said. For as young as she was, she didn't miss a thing. I pulled up to the house and parked, leaning my head on the steering wheel.
"All I did was say 'um' and then 'see ya' it was so embarrassing." Izzy giggles and gets out.

I open the house to find no one home. It was kinda nice just walking around the huge house and looking at everything.

It was literally the biggest house I'd ever seen. The basement consisted of three rooms.

The first: the movie room. This room was the biggest with five rows of chairs that faced the biggest flat screen TV I'd ever seen.

The second: the game room. This room had a pool table, a foosball table, several old arcade games, a ping-pong table, etc. (You get my gist.)

The third room: the relaxing room. Which of you ask me is like everyone's own personal spa. Everything you could think of that's in a spa was there.

In other words, this house must hold the world record for the biggest most awesome things ever.

I ventured farther and realized that there was a door that lead outside so I went on out.

It was breezy and beautiful. I looked up and saw the clouds floating around with no problems and I wished for that.

To be a cloud.

To float all day with out reason.

To be free.

I closed my eyes and sat down on the grass, leaning on my arms. It was times like these when I really missed my mom.


I opened my eyes to see Kent standing above me smiling. His eyes sparkled in the sun light and I smiled too.

"Yea. It's just to pretty outside." I said as he sat down next to me.

"Agreed." He says closing his eyes.

I wondered what would have happened before all of this. Before me coming here, before mom and dad splitting up.

I felt a year stream down my cheek. I looked over at Kent and he was looking at me. Really looking at me. It seemed as though with his eyes, he could find out every secret that I own.

He reaches out and wipes another year from my cheek but he doesn't ask why I'm crying.

Because he already knows.


Thanks for reading guys!!!


I love you all.

I know it's kind of confusing right now but I promise that soon it will all make sense.

Love you.

Xoxo, Kayla ❤️

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