Chapter Five: A Night To Remeber

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Chapter Five: A Night To Remember

I looked up at him, shocked at his words. Did he just ask me on a date? "Thalia? Are you ok?" Austin said waving his hand in front of my face. "Yea. I'm... Fine." Austin smiled, "You didn't answer my question. Would you go to dinner with me?" He asked again and smiled ear to ear. I stuttered with my speech, "Um... Y-yea that s-sounds great." I said. I have always been really pale, so when I blush, you know I'm blushing. It's a curse. Austin must have noticed because he chuckled and said, "Awesome!"

We left the studio and drove Austin to his motel. It was huge with big water fountains at the front entrance. He said his goodbyes and walked through the doors. "Nice surprise?" Dad asked me after Austin had gotten out of the car. He Hadn't said anything the whole way home. "Yes! It was awesome meeting him!! Thanks dad!" I kinda screamed at him, but I couldn't help it that I was excited!

We arrived at my dads house which he had newly built. Lets just said my dad has a highly paid job, as does my stepmother, so they have an huge house. I have a step brother about my age, who is super sweet but can overdue the charm sometimes. They also have another child, Elizabeth, who we call Lizzy. She's 8 and a little a little on the wild side.

I step in the doors and take in the smell of new paint. I looked around at all of the photographs of the new family. Those pictures used to be of MY family. Of MY mom and MY brother. Now, there are pictures of a woman and two kids I never wanted to see. I sigh and walk forward. Dad sits down my bags and shuts the door. "Looks nice huh?" He asks walking past me. I assume he was referring to me starring at the walls and thought I was looking at the new house, not the new family. Then again I shouldn't say "new" because they've been with each other for a while now... But still.

Dad showed me my room for the summer and told me to make myself at home, "because it is your home of course, " He had said.

Later, still in my 'room', I lay on the bed and stare at the wall. My eyes slowly started to shut from the long ride until I heard the door open to my room..

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