Chapter Seven: No way...

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"Can I ask you a question?" He asks.

The light from above flickers in his eyes making them gleam.

I think about all the questions he could ask me.

"I know it's a little soon but..."

My heart starts beating 100 times faster than before. Was he really gonna ask me what I think he's gonna ask me?

Then he finishes his sentence, "would you like a refill?" He smiles.

My heart drops. Not the question I was looking forward to. Really?? I refill?

I laugh it off and nod my head yes.

He calls a waitress over and gets her to refill my drink. She looks at him suspiciously (probably because it was almost full) but walks away with the cup.

That's Austin for ya. I think to myself. The jokester.

We talk more and finally the lady comes back with my refill, a to-go cup and the receipt.

I start to pulls out my wallet, but Austin stops me with his hand. "Really? You think I'm gonna let you pay when I asked you to with me?" I shrug and put it away, mouthing thank you.

~Skipping the ride home~

"Well that was a very nice date, Thalia." Austin says walking me to my door. I smile and agree. My head still feels weird from hitting it on his car door earlier.

He stares into my eyes then finally says, "we should do it again sometime. Like tomorrow? We don't have to go to dinner, just hang at my place or something. Of coarse Alex is here but..."

I kinda cut him off, "wait I thought you live in Miami, not Cali?"

"Well I have a little condo here in LA since I'm here so much. It's nothing big just a two bedroom thing." He says scratching the back of his neck.

GOD he was so freaking cute.

"Umm... Sure I'd love to." I say calmly. Really on the inside I'm screaming: "OH MY GOD AUSTIN MAHONE JUST ASKED ME TO "HANG OUT" FOR THE SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS IN HIS CONDO WITH ALEX!!"

He smiles, "that's great. I really like you Thailia." He says grinning.

When he said he wasn't afraid to tell girls how he feels anymore, he wasn't lying.

"So do I." I say. Then I think about it. "I mean I like you not me. That just be-"

I was cut off my his lips brushing mine. I smiled and opened my eyes .

He blushed and turned around to leave.

"Thanks for tonight. I had fun." I say blushing like a tomato.

"So did I." He smiles and slips into his Range Rover.

I stand at my door and watch him pull away.

I touch my lips and smile.

Austin Mahone just kissed me.

I open the door and walk inside. Closing it behind me.

This was the best night ever. But it was totally unexpected.


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