Chapter 13

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My breath caught in my throat when The Alpha shoved me into his office. Werewolves were sitting around an oval table. They looked up as I was roughly pushed in, surprise written across their faces.

The Alpha motioned for me to sit in a chair whilst he went over to one behind a desk.

"Xerxes, who is this young lady?" An elderly werewolf spoke up, cutting the awkwardness in the air as I sat down in a chair. The Alpha, Xerxes, glanced at me.

"Her name is Rebecca." He told him stiffly, before taking out a stack of papers from a drawer in his desk. "I'd like to continue the meeting, Elder Carson."

Carson nodded, his eyes flickering between Xerxes and I, a knowing smile on his lips. I just scoffed and played with the hem of my shirt. The other werewolves in the room turned back to the many papers sprawled across the table messily.

The cackling noise of fire made me swivel around in my chair to find the source that the noise was coming from. My eyes soon landed upon a fireplace. Hung up around it were pictures. One of them was a man as well as a young Xerxes. They were both staring coldly at the person taking the picture and Xerxes had his arms folded. The man beside him looked to be his father.

Another picture was of Xerxes mother who was posing against a tree, draped in a  violet dress. She was smiling widely, showcasing her pearly teeth...and fangs.

When I was younger, I hated having to take pictures. I would usually hide behind my mother, refusing to move despite her threats. In the end they would take the picture without me; I was just too stubborn to listen and obey. At times, I still am.

The meeting soon was over and I eagerly got out the chair and headed towards the bedroom.

"Rebecca." The same elderly man, Carson, called my name before I could enter the room. I paused and watched him in annoyance as he walked over to me.

He placed a hand on my arm, immediately making me flinch. He dropped it when he saw my reaction and placed his hands behind his back instead.

"You are Xerxes's mate." It wasn't a question. I said nothing, just watched him uneasily.

"I know you may think of us to be horrible, cruel monsters, but..."

"I could think of a few other words to describe you people." I snapped, cutting him off. "What I think of you people will never change unless you all stop the system you make humans live by."

I didn't wait for his response and went inside the bedroom, slamming the door in his face.


A soft, gentle knock stirred me out of my sleep. Sleepily I walked to the door and opened it. My eyes widened at the woman who stood before me. Scars ran down her cheeks and neck. Glancing at her arms I saw the scars that were on her arms.

She was also human and she looked a few years older than me. Her sad eyes avoided looking at me as she spoke softly. "I have to clean your room, miss."

My eyes went to the broom and dustpan she held in her hands. I took the broom, smiling at her.

"I'll help you." I said. She shook her head quickly, but I refused to give up the broom and even headed towards my bed, sweeping the ground. She slowly gave up on protesting and helped me. I could feel her sneaking glances at me as I swept.

When we were halfway finished she paused and looked directly at me. "My name's Charlotte." She told me. I smiled.

"I'm Rebecca." I told her, continuing o sweep. There was silence for a few minutes before I heard her soft voice again.

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