Chapter 11

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The Alpha slammed the packets of files down onto the wooden desk. "More supplies need to be made. There aren't enough materials being produced."

We had been staying in Keith's office for the past hour. Whilst The Alpha and him would talk, I would munch on the granola bar. It was dry and hard to chew, but I forced it down.

Keith tapped his pen on the table. "We will have to get more humans to work here then. " He looked at me, knowing his statement would make me angry.

"Do what you must. I will be passing back in this shop in two weeks. If I see no increase in production I will have someone replace your job and you will have to look elsewhere for an occupation." The Alpha stood up, not waiting for Keith's response. With a tilt of his head Malcolm and I followed him until we reached outside.

The other shop which The Alpha had to go to was within walking distance. I was about to step outside the carpenter shop when a hand grabbed me, yanking me backwards.

Whirling around to snap at The Alpha, I paused briefly when I saw him looking down the road, snarling. I followed his gaze and was surprised to see that a werewolf holding a camera in his hands, trying to hide behind a garbage can. A light flashed in our direction and I jolted backwards.

"Shit." The Alpha cursed under his breath. Placing a heavy hand on my shoulder he turned me around quickly. "Don't face the road." He told me.

The Alpha and Malcolm stared at each silently their eyes glazed over. My guess was that they were mind liking each other, an ability I knew the werewolves had. Malcolm finally gave a stiff nod and walked outside to the man still trying to hide behind the can.

Hands flew as they began to quarrel.
The werewolf man took a few steps back, still clutching his precious camera. Malcolm blocked him from trying to go in our direction, but the man still tried to.

The Alpha finally made a noise of annoyance from the back of his throat and went outside. As soon as his foot touched the road, Malcolm and the werewolf stopped talking.

"You have three seconds to leave before I rip you apart." The Alpha told the werewolf. The werewolf didn't hesitate. He took off running down the road. The Alpha watched him until he turned a corner and disappeared.

I walked outside when Malcolm walked over to The Alpha, a grim expression on his face.

"He works with New Age Magazine. He was trying to get pictures of you and Rebecca." Malcolm explained to him. The Alpha ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"He only got one picture of us. Hopefully it will be blurry because of how many times he tried ducking to hide." The Alpha sighed, shaking his head. "Pests." He rumbled.

Without another word he turned and headed to the car. I took my time and walked behind him my stomach grumbling. That granola bar didn't help soothe my hunger at all.

A sudden feeling came over me and I whirled around. My jaw dropped open as I saw that the man had returned...with more photographers.

"Get inside the car!" The Alpha roared at me. I did as he said and got in quickly, locking the door. The Alpha went upfront with Malcolm, who attempted to drive but couldn't because the paparazzi had surrounded the car, snapping photos. The bright lights hurt my eyes and I turned my body the other direction, only to see more bright flashes.

The Alpha took off his jacket and threw it at me. "Cover your head with it." He demanded. I did as told and dropped it over my head, hiding my face from them.

People began tapping on the windows harshly. I was scared that the glasses were going to break.

"Run them over if you have to." The Alpha told Malcolm. The car jerked forward and I heard people screaming. A shudder of fear went through me and I pressed my hands over my ears until I felt the jacket being pulled off my head.

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