Chapter 32

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I decided that I would go on a walk after seeing Idina. I needed to get my thoughts in order and I wanted to do that, preferably alone.

But as I was pulling my arms through the sleeves of one of my coat, Xerxes came inside the suite.

He took in my clothes as I silently squatted and laced up my boots.

"Where are you going?" Xerxes asked, eyeing my coat.

"On a walk." I straightened and it was only then I realized how close he was to me. I stepped a few paces back from him, but he grabbed my arm, stopping me from leaving. His hand lifted and fingers stroked gently on my cheek.

"It's healing well," He commented softly, his silver eyes locked with mine. Another hand went to the side of my cheek so he was cupping my face in his hands.

A low purr emitted from Xerxes's mouth as he pressed a light kiss unto my forehead and then lower, at the side of my mouth, his soft lips sending tingles through my entire being. His hand lowered and encircled my waist, pulling me flush against him.

"You smell so good," He groaned huskily, burying his head into my neck.

I wasn't quite prepared for what he did next. But I also wasn't surprised. His lips which had began kissing on the skin of my neck, pressed unto my own lips.

My eyes widened as Xerxes pressed his lips almost desperately to mine, his eyes closed. They were incredibly soft as he kissed me. His minty breath filled my senses and his tongue caressed my lips, seeking for me to respond to his passion filled kiss. A low groan sounded from his mouth and his teeth began to nibble on my lip when I did nothing.

My fingers clenched his shirt as I debated on whether I should push him away or not. I was slowly beginning to respond to his kisses and my lips gently pressed unto his. He responded by deepening the kiss, pulling me even closer into his warm body.

The feelings that were erupting through me at his kiss was beyond pleasurable, but at the same time I felt unsure, uncomfortable.

Xerxes noticed and reluctantly pulled away slightly, his eyes filled with confusion and disappointment at my response.

I inhaled sharply and looked away from his eyes, attempting to step away, which only resulted in him gripping me tighter.

"Rebecca," He cooed softly. "What's wrong?"

I shook my head, taking my hand tugging on one of his bulky arms. "I just need to think." I muttered.

There was silence for the next few seconds. I refused to look at his face, not wanting to see his expression. Instead I stared at the tattoos that covered his arms, looking but not really focusing on them.

The sound of water dripping from the kitchen sink was all that could be heard in the silence.

Xerxes's breath tickled my forehead as he dropped his arms to his side. Immediately I stepped away and turned on my heels.

"I'll be back in an hour or so." I muttered, heading to the door.

Xerxes didn't reply.


I shoved my hands into the pockets of my coat, my boots sinking into the snow as I walked. I could see some of the townfolk leaving the apartment complex, hurrying to their various destinations.

Some passed, watching me as they walked. They knew who I was, who I was mates with. But instead of the hateful expressions I was expecting and prepared for, they sent me shy smiles and nodded at me.

I mentioned this when I saw Harold standing outside a house that was being constructed.

"They're happy," Harold told me. "Xerxes told them his plans for what he wants to do for this town and the others."

"Ah." Was all I said. My thoughts drifted back to the kiss Xerxes and I shared. He wanted something I wasn't ready for yet. But it was a working progress. And I knew that things will work out.

I just need time. And I need to make sure he keeps his promises. He had already begun carrying out them, but I needed to see more of his promises put into actions.

I was willing to give the relationship a shot. I scoffed. I never would have said a few months back that I would have even considered something about having anything between Xerxes and I. But he has changed. He was no longer the Alpha I hated with every being in my body.

Xerxes had eventually came to his senses, and realized what he was doing to the human race was wrong and disgusting. It would take months, probably years for him to straighten out what he did.

Xerxes's determination that I saw in his eyes whenever I would remind him that he needs to change the things that humans had to go through because of him and werewolves for years was strong and powerful; I would be very surprised if he fell back on his words.

"Becca?" Harold poked my arm, drawing me away from my thoughts. "Are you okay?"

I grinned. "Yes. But I'm starving. How about some doughnuts? I know a great little café down the road."

I didn't wait for his reply. I was going to get those doughnuts, with or without him.

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