Chapter 16

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"Why were you talking to the mayor?" I blurted out as soon as I saw Xerxes walk into the waiting room. Irritation flashed in his eyes, as he glanced at my brother, sister and I.

"We were discussing some business issues." He said curtly, grabbing some sort of sports magazine and flicking it open.

"What kind of business issues?" I pushed. Xerxes released a low sigh, his silver eyes darkening.

"About the economy." He snapped. "It's really none or your business, Rebecca."

I clenched my jaw and looked away. Why were the mayor and him talking? What on earth did they have in common that they could discuss?

"Don't dwell on my business matters, Rebecca. It doesn't involve you." Xerxes spoke from behind the magazine. I felt like swearing at him, but a small head rested on my arm, reminding me there were young ones in the room.

I ran a hand over my face. "Whatever." I muttered, making it seem like I was dismissing what I had seen.

Soft music was being played and I tapped my feet along with the beat on the tiles. Every now and then I would look towards the door which my mother was in, to see if a nurse would come from inside to tell us if her health was increasing or decreasing.

Finally, we got some news. Tabitha walked inside the waiting room and smiled at me.

"I have some good news. She's getting better," Tabitha patted my shoulder. I smiled in relief, sinking back into my chair. George was grinning ear to ear whilst Alyssa, well, snored.

Shifting her in my arms gently I placed her unto my laps.

"However, she needs supervision, in case this happens again." Tabitha continued. George's smile disappeared.

Xerxes glanced up at us from his magazine, briefly meeting my eyes before turning back to it. I watched as he gripped the magazine tighter. I turned back to Tabitha who continued speaking.

"Is it possible that you could stay in town with her for a couple...."

"No." Xerxes growl echoed in the room, startling Alyssa. Her face scrunched up as if she wanted to cry, but after I rocked her in my arms she fell back to sleep. I sent Xerxes a glare
and he met mine, fury blazing in his.

Tabitha nervously cleared her throat. "W-well, someone needs to stay with her and see that she is supervised."

Xerxes placed the magazine down with a loud thwack. "I could send a guard to go stay with them until..."

"No." It cut him off this time, my voice firm. "I don't want any werewolf supervising my mother. It would be much easier if I just stayed here for a while."

Xerxes leaned forward in his chair, his nails lengthening and becoming claws. They dug into the armrests as he snarled. "Did you not hear me, Rebecca? I said no."

George's eyes widened and he gaped at Xerxes. The urge to swear at him was increasing and I bit my tongue harshly.

"My mother has to be supervised." I bit out at him, after trying and failing to calm my anger. "Two eight year olds can't take care of her."

Xerxes stood from his chair and walked around the table, coming to stand before me. "You're not staying here."

That was it. I opened my mouth to tell him what I wanted to say every since I got here.

"However, she can stay with us." Xerxes exhaled slowly. He eyed my confused face.

"She can't stay in the cabin house. Your pack is horrible to me, imagine what they would do to her." I snapped. Alyssa made a grumbling noise and I looked down at her. She was awake now and was staring up at Xerxes with wide eyes.

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