Chapter 30

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The atmosphere immediately became thick with tension after Xerxes's mother spoke.

I refused to look away from her and the sly smirk plastered on her face widened.

Low warning growls were emitting from Xerxes who was still surrounded by his pack members, who watched on anxiously.

Xerxes's mother walked further into the room until she was standing a few inches away from me.

"I thought for sure the war would have carried on longer. And would have ended differently." She murmured, an eyebrow hitching challengingly as I narrowed my eyes.

"Why are you here?" I demanded. She blinked, glancing towards her son who was watching us with a snarl.

"What do you mean, why am I here?" She smoothed down her red short dress and gave me a tight smile. "I'm part of the pack and Xerxes's mother. And I'll be watching to see what changes he's planning to bring about. I'll probably give him some much needed advice..."

Xerxes broke away from the crowd abruptly. "I don't need your advice, mother. I know what I'm doing." He growled, marching over to us and coming to stand beside me. I saw the fear that filled her eyes for a few seconds, before being replaced with a cold stare.

Her lips pressed together in displeasure. She looked back towards me and sent a cool smile in my direction. "We'll see." She chirped, no humour in her voice. She turned and grabbed the handle of a suitcase and walked away, towards an elevator.

"I don't trust her." Charlotte said, softly. I nodded, glancing at Xerxes. He looked pissed, but was trying to reassure the nervous looking pack members by attempting to smile. It looked more like a painful grimace.

I tugged on the sleeve of his jacket and he looked down at me, confused. I grabbed the paper and showed it to him, tapping my finger on the assigned bedroom that I would be staying in.

"Why am I sleeping in the same room as you?" I asked. By now the other pack members were slowly engaging in conversation.

"You're my mate. It's only right that you stay in the same room as me," Xerxes took the paper which I began to grip and smoothed out the crinkled edges. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

I scoffed, dropping my bags unto the floor. I folded my arms, scowling. "Oh really?" I sneered.

Xerxes's lips twitched at my reaction. He stepped closer to me and reached out a hand to coil my hair around his finger, never breaking eye contact. "Yes, really." He said, smoothly.

I pulled my head back, which only resulted in my hair being tugged painfully and Xerxes stepping even closer to me so that my hair which was still wrapped around his finger wouldn't be torn off my scalp. My breath caught in my throat at his close proximity.

His silver eyes began to darken as they landed on my lips, which were no doubt turned downwards because I was frowning. His fingers released my hair and danced across my cheek lightly, tingles shooting through me.

The feeling immediately made me snap back to reality and I sucked in a deep breath, stooping down to grab my bags which were on the floor. I grabbed them and walked away, uncomfortable by the stares I could feel watching Xerxes and I.

I walked, or rather, jogged, over to my mom, who was scolding George for eating one of Alyssa's sweets.

"How about we find your room?" I said, not waiting for their response. I glanced over my shoulder, to see Penelope still holding my bag from earlier. I took it back and my family and I decided to take the stairs, since Xerxes's mother was still waiting impatiently for the elevator doors to open.

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