Chapter 20

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Uttering those words probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. As soon as the words had left my mouth, the room became quiet.

Xerxes's silver eyes flashed, becoming more feral than they already looked. His growl ripped through out the room and the pack members visibly flinched watching to see what Xerxes would do.

Sissy began scooting away from me when he stood, his height and muscles immediately making me lean backwards into the chair.

It only took him two large steps to reach me and when he did, his hand grabbed unto my shirt and yanked me outside the room.

He released me in the hallway, almost making me trip over. I straightened up on the wall and faced him reluctantly, my eyes burning with anger and slight fear.

"How dare you." Xerxes yelled to me, the magnitude of his voice making my ears ring. "Not only did you disrespect me, but you did so in front of my people!"

I said nothing and continued to watch him, my eyes beginning to twitch. I so desperately wanted to shout back at him, but the look in his eyes was making me hesitate.

"You shall be punished." He continued. "You may be my Luna and mate, but no one, talks to me in that manner. Especially in front of my pack."

I snapped.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" I screamed , pushing off the wall and coming closer to him, no longer scared about his furious and dark expression. "I don't give a shit who you are to this pack. I could care less!"

Xerxes hand once again found my shirt and he grabbed the cloth, almost ripping it as he pulled me forward. "You shall learn, Rebecca, that disrespect towards me ends with a bad result. The only reason you are not dead is because you're my mate."

I spat in his face.

Xerxes froze, his eyes widening briefly before the hand which wasn't clutching my shirt lifted. I moved my face away, my head banging against the wood.

Instead of slapping me across my face like I thought he would've done, he wiped my spit away from his cheek with his hand, his silver eyes never leaving mine.

"I won't hit you." He spoke dangerously low, releasing my shirt and stepping away. His eyes moved from my face and before I could fully realize it, Flynn came up to me and grabbed my arms, pulling them tightly behind my back.

"Take her to the cells." Xerxes told Flynn. "Assign a guard to the cell and keep her there until further notice."

Flynn nodded and began pulling me away, obeying his Alpha. I swung my leg and it collided with his shin. Xerxes didn't even wince, instead he barked at Flynn to have a better hold of me.

Just as we began walking down the hallway, the earth shook as feet collided upon the wooden floor. I watched as three guards run past Flynn and I, blood smeared on their clothes.

Flynn paused and watched as the came to halt in front of Xerxes.

"The sheriff from LakeView Town has brought some men here to try and destroy the pack." A man blurted, trying to wipe his bloody hands unto his shirt. "We killed some of them, but they are persistent. They've set part of the house on fire and it's spreading."

Xerxes locked eyes with mine, fury blazing in his. "Kill the humans. I'll deal with the sheriff personally."

Flynn released my arm and Xerxes immediately took my hand. The strong smell of fire arose and I coughed, my eyes watering.

I watched as Xerxes sucked in a deep breath at the sight of fire coming from the end of the hallway. His grip on my hand tightened considerably, almost crushing the bones in them. People were pushing past us and rushing outside, nudging me roughly away in panic. My hand slipped from Xerxes and I was pushed forward, towards the flames.

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