Chapter 24

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The room was tense after Xerxes had warned Leo. Xerxes didn't seem bothered by the feeling in the air, instead focused on eating. Harold and the others were watching us warily, speaking softly amongst themselves.

My stomach churned uncomfortably and I moved to stand, only to stiffen when a hand touched my leg. I glowered up at Xerxes who was pretending not to notice my bitter expression sent his way.

His hand tightened when I attempted to move again and this time he faced me. "Trying to run off again are you?" He leaned closer to me, his silver eyes gleaming. A slow smile was creeping up on his face.

A dark eyebrow rose when I pressed my lips together and turned my head. "I'm finished." I gestured to the empty bowl which had once contained fruits.

"You didn't have any protein." Xerxes pointed out, gesturing to his own plate filled with the roasted meat. I shrugged.

"I'm not in the mood to eat meat right now." I told him. His fingers on my leg twitched and I grabbed his hand, peeling them off me. I flung his hand away and sat up in my chair with an exasperated sigh.

A warning growl came from Xerxes, the noise directly by my ear. I glanced up at him in confusion. He had moved even closer to me and his presence was making me feel...strange. Pushing the emotion away that was beginning to swarm in me, I looked across the tent.

"How much longer do we have to stay here?" I called across to Harold. He looked between Xerxes and I, his mouth agape. It was only when I noticed the murderous look Xerxes was sending his way to make him afraid, that I finally stood.

"I've had enough with your overbearing attitude." I bit out to Xerxes. "I'm going into the truck and I'm staying there. When you're ready to discuss further on how you want to go about dealing with the situations that are going to happen, then we can talk."

I ignored the rumble rising from Xerxes's chest and left the tent, brushing past the others outside.

Half an hour later I was awoken from my sleep by someone shaking me. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up on my elbows. To my surprise, Flynn stood at the truck door.

He sent me an uneasy smile as if bracing for my reaction to him being here. I blinked in confusion.

"Is there something you want to talk about?" I asked finally, when he wouldn't speak, irritation in my voice. Flynn's brown eyes widened.

"I'm just here to inform you that my pack and I will be going in a short run. We'll be back in an hour and then we'll talk about when we'll meet up again." Flynn cleared his throat. "You probably can tell Xerxes sent me here to relay the message. He wants to have a few words with you when he returns."

I looked over Flynn's shoulders, seeing the people near the campfire shift into their wolves. Flynn looked also and I could tell he was eager to join them.

With a nod of understanding from me, he turned and left. I closed my eyes again, resting my head back against the seat of the truck. A door opening made me peek one eye open, only to close it after I realized it was Leo getting into the passenger seat, a plate of food in his hands.


Cold wind drifted through the truck window as Leo drove out the field. We had stayed for two hours and Xerxes and his pack hadn't returned, so I decided that it was time to leave.

A tired Leo also agreed and said he would drive me back. I sat upfront with him, keeping an eye on his sleepy form. It would be another fifteen minutes before we reached back home and I didn't want Leo falling asleep on the wheel.

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