Chapter 17

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Sissy skipped into the room, her eyes looking directly at George and Alyssa. She held a board game in her hands and climbed unto the bed.

She knew I was watching her, but avoided my gaze. She held out a hand to Alyssa.

"My name's Sissy." She said when Alyssa slipped her hand in hers and shook it. George was a little more hesitant to do so. He had seen her fangs when she had smiled at them.

It was only when hurt arose in her eyes that he gripped her hand and shook it quickly, before shoving his hand back into his pocket.

Sissy placed the board game on the bed. "Xerxes said I could play with you guys." She took out chess pieces and began putting them in place on the board.

Alyssa slid forward on the bed, eager to start playing the game. George sat quietly in the background, watching silently as the two girls began playing.

I chewed on the granola bar, my eyes lazily following the girls' movements. Minutes later I recognized Xerxes's thundering footsteps outside and I watched with a frown as he burst inside the room.

"Rebecca. I need to have a word with you." Xerxes growled. His voice was full of urgency and anger. His silver eyes were flashing, reminding me of lightning gleaming across a night sky. I climbed to my feet hesitantly, casting my eyes towards my mother and then the children pointedly.

He shook his head, a shudder running through his body. "Come." His fangs were elongating from his mouth. I immediately decided to leave with him when I heard Alyssa make a noise that sounded like a gasp and a cry at the same time.

Grabbing his arm I moved him away from the door, so Alyssa could not see him. Folding my arms I faced him, eyebrows raised expectantly.

"Your friend, that sheriff," Xerxes spat. "Is planning a revolt."

I froze, staring at him in confusion. "What?"

"He is trying to gather people from different towns to join in and help him." Xerxes exhaled in frustration, his minty breath fanning my face when I said nothing. I knew that a revolt would have happened sooner or later. My fellow humans were sick of how they're being treated.

I stepped backwards, shrugging a shoulder. "And?"

Xerxes hands clenched. "I don't ever spare lives when people try to carry out nonsense like this, Rebecca. Unless you want to see hundreds of your kind die, you will advise the sheriff to stop encouraging this revolt. My men have other things to worry about."

He was expecting me to somewhat agree with him. I could tell by the way his shoulders relaxed slightly and how his shuddering form had stopped.

"The sheriff can do whatever he wants. I see nothing wrong with a revolt."

Xerxes growl rocked the hallway, the paintings hung on the walls trembling.

"Then expect a blood bath, Rebecca. Humans are not as strong as werewolves." Xerxes moved closer to me, trying to use his height and tone to intimidate me. I straightened, looking up to meet his eyes defiantly.

"They just might surprise you." I smirked, watching as his eyes darken to pitch black. I knew angering him, an Alpha, was dangerous. I was treading on uneasy water.

His hand shot out and clasped the back of my head, when I turned to move. "You will tell the sheriff to stop." He snarled, his claws sinking through my hair and pinching the back of my skull.

I flinched. "What makes you think he will listen to me anyway?" I snapped.

"He will. You have a way with words. You can convince him."

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