Chapter 7

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My family and I watched as the doctor cleaned the wound and then stitched it up. Because of the excruciating pain Alyssa was in, the doctor gave her an injection and she was now unconscious.

I finally decided to leave the room after watching the doctor stitch back up Alyssa's leg. I slid down into a chair and rested my head unto my hands, feeling a headache coming on.

The hospital had a strange, old smell and I couldn't wait until I could leave the hospital and breathe in some fresh air.

I glanced up and saw two nurses walking past, their smiles wide and clipboards in their hands. I had never seen humans look so...happy. Not since the werewolves took over.

But we were in a town where they were fortunate enough not to be ruled by werewolves. They had no interest in this town.

"Rebecca?" George walked out the room, his eyes red. "I'm sleepy." He mumbled, adorably.

I opened my arms and he climbed unto my laps, curling into me. I rested my head unto his head and closed my eyes.


"Rebecca wake up." George shook me out my sleep, his scared voice alerting me.

I looked up to see a man in grey and black talking to my mother. He held a notepad in his hands and was listening attentively to what she was saying. His brown hair was combed neatly and he was tall. He appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

I got out of my seat and walked over, George close by my side.

"So what made you decide to leave town?" The man asked, scribbling something on his notepad. My mother looked at me questioningly. I nodded my head.

"My daughter, Rebecca, would be able to explain why better than I would." My mom said.

The man turned to me. "So tell me what happened." He said after introducing himself. I learnt that he was the sheriff of this town and had been for the past five years. He had once lived in the town that I had been living in, but had managed to escape it and stumble into this one. Like me, he detested werewolves.

I told him why I left town, making sure to leave no detail out.

His eyebrows were furrowed with confusion after I told him. He ran a hand over his face. "Based on what you told me, I think there is only one explanation to why The Alpha would do these things. I believe you are his mate."

"Mate?" I echoed. Now it was my turn to look confused. I knew about mates...werewolves believed that there mates were their other half and soulmate.

I just thought they were completely delusional. I don't believe in soulmates.

"Yes. It is very rare that a werewolf, especially an Alpha at that, would be mates with a human. But it can happen." The sheriff glanced over my mother's shoulder and at Alyssa. She was still asleep.

"We need to get you all in a secure home as soon as possible. Male werewolves tend to be put that keep their mates with them by their side." The sheriff said. He was still writing on the notepad. "I think we can put your family in Home 232."

I clenched my fists. The last thing I wanted right now, or ever, is to be by the Alpha's side.

"When can we go to this home?" I finally spoke through clenched teeth, trying to control my anger.

The sheriff glanced at my sister once again. "As soon as she wakes up. I'll have one of my men carry you to the house." He nodded his head at mom and I and left.


The house that we were brought to five hour later was definitely bigger than the one we lived in back in the other town. It wasn't huge, but rather cosy.

I went to claim one of the bedroom's immediately, my eyes widening at the large bed. It has been a while since I last slept in a bed....thirteen years to be exact.

I crawled unto it, kicking off my sneakers. I breathed in the clean smell of it and relaxed on the warm bed.

I had to stop myself from falling  asleep and instead got up and checked out the other's bedrooms. I walked over to the windows, my hands sliding across the top of it and locking it.

"How are you liking your room Alyssa?" I turned and asked her. She was chewing on a sweet that the driver had given her.

She gave me the thumbs up and began patting her hands on her soft bed, eyes wide with awe.

I walked out and went into George's room, locking his windows as well. I was about to leave but stopped when I saw four men outside guarding the house, a gun strapped unto each of their waists.

I needed a gun for my own protection. I wouldn't hesitate to put two bullets in The Alpha's head. Those guards might because they may have never met The Alpha before. They may be intimidated by him and not do their job.

The rustling noise of paper bags filled the air and I followed the noise. My mom had just closed the door and in her hands were two brown paper bags.

"Doughnuts!" She announced after inspecting what was in the bag. "The sheriff dropped it off for us."

Alyssa and George immediately dug into theirs, there lips covered with the powder that covered the doughnuts. I chose to only eat half. My anxiety made it difficult for me to eat.

My mother noticed and she pressed a kiss to my head. "Don't worry dear. The guards will protect us." She whispered.

I wiped my lips with the sleeve of my shirt. "I need a gun." I announced. My mom's eyes widened and her eyes flickered to the twins. They were too busy talking about their doughnuts and hadn't realized what I had said.

"You can take mine." She said finally.  "I'll have to teach you how to use it."

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