Chapter 12

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As soon as I saw her snap the head of the bird off, I turned around in my seat and dry heaved, my eyes burning. My stomach clenched with disgust and a shudder went through me.

"Rebecca?" I looked up to see Malcolm standing over me. His eyes traced my hunched over form, confusion written across his face. He glanced up at where I shakily pointed.

"Greta! I told you to stop killing those birds." He scolded, rubbing a hand over his face. "Now clean it up."

The woman pushed away her broom and did as he commanded, grabbing the remains of the bird and walked briskly towards a window.

"Get up." The sound of The Alpha's voice drew my gaze away from the woman. I stood, sending him a glare and followed him further into the house. The walk up the stairs was silent; neither of us choose to speak. I was led down a hallway, and paused at a door. The Alpha opened it and walked inside, his eyes glancing around the room before he fixed his attention on me.

"A maid will bring you some clothes for you to wear. I will call Penelope to come over and go shopping with you tomorrow for more clothes." He said, watching as I looked around the large room, stared at the plain, yet rather large bed.

I didn't respond to him. Instead I walked over to a window and looked out. A large pool was in the backyard and many were swimming back leisurly in it. The female werewolves were laying on their backs, getting tanned from the afternoon sun, and others simply basking in it's warmth.

"You are not allowed to leave this property." The Alpha was closer to me now, his voice by my ear. I gave a stiff nod. It was only then did he leave, the door closing softly behind him.

I breathed a sigh of relief. No matter how hard I tried to hide it, he always intimidated me. My nails dug into my palm as I inhaled, eyes still taking in the scenery before me. A woman from the pool had stood up from where she had been sitting, her body facing me.

I pulled the curtains over the window, blocking her, or anyone else from my view. Chewing my lip I looked around the room once more. My eyes scanned the ebony wooden tables, searching for a phone to call my family and reassure them that I was fine. I found nothing.


The Alpha was wary on letting me come downstairs for lunch. I didn't want to either, but he told me it was an unspoken rule that all members within a pack eat together during meals. When I spat at him that I wasn't a member of his pack, the glare he sent me was enough to make my blood run cold.

"Not yet." He grunted.

"Never." I hissed. He ignored what I said and grabbed the sleeve of my shirt, pulling me along with him. Thrice I stumbled as we walked. The Alpha would wait a split second for me to recover and then continue walking.

"We'll be eating outside today." The Alpha told me as we stopped before a glass door. He slid it open and stepped outside, his grip on my hand tight.

There was a large table on the grass outside and chairs surrounding it. Werewolves were snacking on some chips and munching into hamburgers. At first, they hadn't noticed that we were a few inches behind them.

That was until a child saw us and began pointing. He dropped the plate of food he was holding. The laughter that had been in the werewolves' eyes slowly died as they turned to face us and instead their gazes looked at me in disdain. I pressed my lips together and scowled at them.

"Glad to see you could join us." The Alpha's mother spoke from the table, her words sounding bitter. "However, I don't want her here. You might as well have stayed upstairs with the human."

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