Chapter 23

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A fast motion of event occurred after I was bitten. I remembered seeing Xerxes jolt backwards from the bullet that pierced his chest, his fangs dripping with my blood. Harold had grabbed my arm after managing to take me out of Xerxes's grip and led me out the tent whilst the men from outside had their guns drawn at the werewolves, who were whimpering and growling in distress because their Alpha was shot.

Pain ripped through my body and a scream escaped my lips. I gingerly touched the bite mark on my neck and shuddered when I felt the blood on my fingers.

Harold released my elbow and directed me to an angry Leo, who escorted me to the truck. I was biting my tongue in a feeble attempt to stop from screaming.

Leo was cursing under his breath, his hands looking into a compartment in the truck. He took out a medical kit and dabbed some alcohol unto a cotton ball. The blood was now dripping down unto the bullet proof vest and my shirt. He dabbed the alcohol unto my neck and I hissed, drawing back.

Grabbing the belt on my pants he inched me forward, telling me bluntly to buck up. I sent him a glare but allowed him to continue cleaning the blood. I could hear yells coming from outside and I turned my head slightly so I could look through the truck's window.

Flynn was attempting to hold back a seething Xerxes from attacking Harold, who was yelling at him. One of Xerxes's hand covered the bullet wound on his abdomen.

"Why'd you do it?!" Harold spat at him, a gun clutched in his hand. Xerxes eyes were flashing from black to silver and I watched as he began trembling, a ripple going through his body.

"I won't risk the chance of you taking her away from me again," Xerxes snarled, shoving Flynn off of him. "I'll know where she is from now on. Besides, I have a right to mark her. She's my mate."

Harold's face became beet red in anger. "You fool! We should've never agreed to this deal!" Spittle was flying from his mouth as he yelled.

I watched as Xerxes's fingers twitched. "It's too late to back out now," He sneered. "I'll keep my end of the deal What happened between my mate and myself will not change what I promised."

"We can't take you word for it," Mrs. Grant said, shaking her head. Her wide eyes were filled with fear as she looked up at the intimidating Alpha. "Rebecca was right. We can't trust you."

Xerxes's face remained stone cold. Silence filled the air and I watched as he straightened, inhaling deeply. His eyes flickered to the truck I was in, before turning to his pack. "I'll be seeing you all tonight." He called over his shoulder, walking away. "I'll meet you and your men back here."

Xerxes disappeared into the crowd of werewolves. We watched as they got into their vehicles and drove away, trampling down the grass with the wheels. It was only after they left that I got out the truck.

I walked over to Harold, who gently examined my neck. A frown tugged on his lips.

"He marked me." I spat the words out. "And he expects me to trust him when he does crazy shit like this."

I sighed, resting my palm against the mark. My eyes fluttered. Because of the blood loss, I was becoming tired.

"It was bound to happen," Harold said, running a hand soothingly through my hair. "As An Alpha werewolf, the need to mark their mates is extremely strong. They're possessive beasts."

I gritted my teeth. "He shouldn't have bitten me without my permission."

"He knew you wouldn't have agreed to it. So he went ahead and did it. What he did shouldn't have been forced upon you. But it was expected to happen soon enough."

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