Chapter 21

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Training with Harold can be grueling and painful. He wasn't easy on me and I appreciated that. He pushed and pushed me to my best, despite the many cuts I received during training and the wrist which I broke after I was boxing.

I knew that in the situation where I would face off with a werewolf, it wouldn't have any mercy on me, so that was the reason why I admired Harold for not doing so also.

Sweat trickled down my forehead and I licked my chapped lips, narrowing my eyes on the weapon Harold was holding. My blood stained the dagger and I watched it drip off the edge of it.

In my hand I held my own dagger, gripping the handle tightly as I anticipated Harold's next move. It took me a few seconds for me to realize he was watching to see what I would do.

I grinned and lifted the dagger, throwing it at him. His eyes widened and he moved out the way. As he was distracted, I grabbed another dagger from my pocket and ran to him, sinking the weapon into the flesh of his arm. He groaned in pain and I removed the dagger, using my other hand to punch him in the face.

He stumble backwards, gripping his bleeding arm and groaned even louder. His brown eyes lifted from his feet, his eyes shinning with unshed tears. My jaw dropped. I hadn't realized I had hurt him that bad. He had managed through many stabs I've given...

A noise cracked in the air and my body was jerked backwards by the impact of a bullet. I fell, my head colliding hard unto the ground. Stars filled my vision and I blinked rapidly.

"Damn it, Harold!" I hissed through gritted teeth. Harold chuckled, the gun in his hand as he looked down at me.

"Never be soft on your opponent, Becca." He told me. Rolling my eyes I tore off the bullet proof vest I was wearing and tossed it on the ground. I stood on shaky legs, still dazed by the hard impact of the bullet. We had been practicing with the vest, but I still had to become accustomed to when a bullet would hit it.

"You did well this evening." Harold quipped, grabbing a bottle of cool water and chugging it down. I grunted, still uneasy and slid unto a bench. Harold laughed and sat beside me, putting a bottle on my lap.

I raised my hand and rubbed my chest, watching the men march across the clearing. Harold had managed to gather more men to help in the revolt during the two months that I had been here. They were all young men and women, and a few old ones here and there.

They all had the same hate towards werewolves that most humans did and were willing to do whatever it takes to end the system that was happening in countries. The fight and determination in their eyes as they trained were admirable.

My eyes went from them and back towards Harold. He was watching me, with a grim expression on his face, the smile from earlier gone.

"It's going to be two more weeks until we start the revolt, Rebecca. First thing you're going to do in the morning tomorrow is introduce yourself to the others. We're going to have to announce that you're The Alpha's mate."

The inside of my stomach twisted uneasily and I looked down at my mud covered boots. "Their responses to that may turn out...horrible."

"Or they may understand my view of why it's a good idea to have the Alpha's mate leading us in the revolt." Harold said, raising a brow. I forced a smile, unscrewing the cap of my bottle.

"Maybe." I muttered after taking a sip of the cold water. I squinted up at the sun and guessed that it was around one p.m.

"I'm going to have some lunch." I told Harold and began walking away.

"Afterwards make sure you get back out here. We still have three more hours of training!" Harold yelled after my retreating back.

I walked into the canteen room, filled with people eating and talking. I grabbed some sandwiches and kale salad before walking over to an empty space to eat. The old seat creaked as I sat down, but I hardly paid that any notice, my mind focused on the food.

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