Chapter 5

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I pushed open the door and stepped inside the small house. As soon as I did, small arms wrapped around my body and I looked down to see the heads of the twins.

Their eyes were watery with tears; bottom lips trembling.

"Sander said you were dead." George sniffled, pressing me closer to him.

I ran a hand through his hair and leaning down to press a kiss unto his head. "Well, I'm here aren't I?"

Alyssa made a noise that sounded between a laugh and a sob.

"Where's mom?" I asked them. They pointed to a corner of the room. My mother was curled up, sleeping on a thin blanket.

I walked over, squatting down and examining  her. Dry tears were on her cheeks, evidence that she had been crying. Dark bags were under her eyes and wrinkles adorned her forehead.

As much as I didn't want to disturb her from her sleep, I did. I woke her up with a shove. She immediately had drawn me into her arms, sobbing and saying how relieved she was to see that I was alive.

I hugged her back and then stood. "We can't stay here. The Alpha is looking for me and the first place he'll look for me is right here."

I watched as my mother swallowed hard. "What do you think we should do then?" Her voice was shaky with nerves. The twins came over and sat beside mother, looking at me expectantly.

"We need to leave this town and find another. I heard there's another town that has no werewolves in control over it." I ran a hand through my hair.

If we could reach the other town, we would be safe from any werewolves...hopefully.

"But...we've never gone beyond the walls of this town." Mom said softly.

Huge walls surrounded the entire town and only werewolves could past and go beyond these walls.  That is unless one of the humans commit a crime and then they would be kicked out.

We would have to climb over the wall. There was another exit but only the werewolves knew where it was.

A shudder went through me as I remembered what my supervisor had said. They were blood lusted werewolves on the other side of the walls.

I needed to find weapons to defend my family if we are to leave this place.

"It's either we leave or The Alpha comes here and takes all of us." I finally say. My mother slowly nodded and stood.

"I'll start packing." Her feet moved fast as she grabbed a bag and began stuffing items into it.

I walked over to a window and stared through, watching to see any sign of The Alpha and his guards.

My mother and the twins were ready to leave in five minutes. We had to leave carefully, making sure none of the patrolling werewolves caught us.

It was really dark outside but we couldn't risk using a torch light. The werewolves would definitely catch us.

I tightened my grip on Alyssa's hand as I heard the loud screeching noise of a vehicle. 

I turned around and I could see a jeep pull up outside my home. It's bright headlight seemed to light up the entire neighborhood.

Werewolves boarded out the jeep and I soon saw the curly hair of The Alpha's amongst them. He marched right into my house, swiftly kicking down the door. 

"Run!" I whispered to my family. We took off down the messy street, fear pummeling our hearts.

A loud roar sounded and lights began flooding the streets as the men poured out the house and began using their torch lights to look for us.

"Shit!" I cursed.  I leaned over and lifted my sister up. She was running too slow.  Glancing over my shoulder I saw my mother do the same with my brother. 

Her face looked tired but her eyes shone with undeniable determination.

I squinted and I could finally see the large thick white wall ahead. My little sister buried her head into my neck. Her tears dripped down my collar bone and I patted her back awkwardly, telling her to not cry.

We soon reached the wall and I helped my mother up. The wall scratched her skin and blood was drawn. She didn't flinch, just held out her hands to take one of the twins.

I handed Alyssa to her first and then George.

A loud horn sounded and I whipped around, dread filling me. The jeep began to slow down and I turned around. I began heaving myself up the wall, but arms gripped my legs and tried to yank me backwards.

"No!" I screamed, my hand clenching the wall desperately. I tried to kick my legs, but the grip was strong.

"Stop fighting me, Rebecca." The Alpha's guttural tone sounded from below me. He was pissed. I could literally feel his anger. My heart leapt in my chest and I fought even harder to be released from his grip.

I felt other hands grabbing me and they began to pluck me away from the wall, only to stop when someone fired a gun. One of the werewolf who was holding me dropped to the ground, howling in pain.

I looked up to see my mother sitting on the top of the wall, a gun in her hands. Her eyes were concentrated and her hold on the pistol was steady. She pulled the trigger again and another wolf fell.

The Alpha snarled and wrapped a thick arm around me, pulling me back with him.

But he didn't get too far. My mother pulled the trigger and I watched as The Alpha was hit in the side.

He bucked forward in pain, cursing through clenched teeth as the bullet penetrated him. A groan escaped from his lips. His hold around me loosened and I managed to get away from him.

Swiftly, I pulled myself up and over the wall. I landed in some thick bushes near my brother and sister.

I helped my mother down and she pulled me to her. My whole body was shaking viciously and I felt like I was on the verge of panicking.

"We need to get moving. The Alpha won't be in pain very long." My mother told me sternly. Her words shook me out of my state and I took Alyssa's hand and continued running.

The Alpha's howl rang loudly through out the night.


We had to stop and rest. We found a cave. The opening was covered with bushes so it would help conceal us from any unwanted guests. Hopefully.

I waited until the twins had fallen asleep before I turned to my mom.

"Where did you get the gun?" I whispered.

"I got it from one of our neighbours." She said. "In case one of the werewolves tried to harm you all. I would be able to defend you all with this baby." She smiled, tapping the gun.

A small smile formed on my lips. "You were really good at aiming. Have you ever practiced?"

She nodded her head. "Yes." She sighed, exhausted. "Let's get some rest, dear. We need to leave as soon as morning comes."

I nodded in agreement and curled up on the cold floor beside my siblings, allowing myself to succumb to sleep.

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