Chapter 25

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The days that followed were filled with training with the werewolves from midday to seven p.m. 

I could see the shift in behaviour from the werewolves. No longer was the tense atmosphere that would arise when we came amongst them. Instead they seemed almost excited to train with us. The humans, however, were still wary and cautious and I don't blame them. It would take us a long time before we would fully become completely at ease or comfortable with them.

Xerxes and I didn't have much conversation between us. Some of the humans and I spent most of my days training with werewolves whilst he helped a group of humans with weaponry.

The only time we did talk was when we were eating under the tent. It was mostly about the different tactics we were going to do when the war came around. Never once did he mention about the mate bond or us being mates. He was giving me much needed space to think when it came to that topic.

It was currently the night before we were planning to leave and I was in the living room, watching television with my family. Mr. Daniels had suggested that I go home early, so I could spend time with them before the war.

My mother was on the phone, talking to one of her neighbours whilst George and Alyssa sat on the couch, munching into some popcorn, their eyes glued unto the dramatic film.

I told them earlier that I was going to war and might not be back for a couple of days. I also was honest and told them that I could possibly die during the war, but was quick to assure them that I would try my best not to. They weren't happy about me leaving, in fact, they were devastated and began crying.

I managed to distract them by taking out two bags of popcorn, which I had bought for them earlier at a store. After drying their tears I ushered them into the living room, where they began eating their popcorn.

My mother already knew that I would be leaving. She knew all my training was for preparing in the war. She was saddened, but also hopeful that we become victorious in the war.

I swung my legs over the couch and slapping my feet unto the floor. Glancing at the clock I saw that it was after ten p.m.

"I'll be heading to bed." I announced. George and Alyssa mumbled something in response, whilst my mom just nodded.

I went upstairs and pulled the sheets over me, curling into a fetal position. My eyes drifted around in the darkened room and I stared at the bags I had packed, containing everything I would need for this war.

I never thought that I would have to fight in a war. But yet here I am, leaving tomorrow on an seven o'clock flight going to some foreign country I had no clue about. Anxiety knotted my stomach and I found it difficult trying to sleep.

It was no surprise in the morning when I got out of bed at six that I was tired. Everyone else was still sleeping, so I made sure to be quiet as I showered and ate breakfast. It was only when I placing my bags by the front door that my mom got up.

She tugged on the sleeves of her robe as she watched me toss my bag unto the ground, blinking sleepily.

"You're going to say goodbye to the kids?" She asked softly. I nodded my head, zipping up a bag before standing and trotting upstairs. George and Alyssa were still sleeping and I hesitated on whether I should wake them up or not.

I finally decided to. I figured that if I left and they woke up and saw that I hadn't said goodbye to them, they would be so devastated.

Alyssa wrapped her arms around me, burying her face into my chest. George just watched silently, tears pooling in his eyes. I stayed with them until it was time for me to leave. After tucking them back into bed I left the room. 

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