Chapter 3

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Silver, cold eyes locked with mine. They assessed me silently, his eyes widening briefly. A low growl came from his lips, his shoulders rising and falling as he inhaled. A flicker of emotion flashed through his eyes, so brief that I was unable to decipher what it was.

I stared back at him defiantly. Internally I was filled with fear, but externally I was trying my best not to show it. I didn't want the boy to be harmed.

Strong arms gripped me and yanked me back.

"You fool!" My supervisor hissed in my ear. "What were you thinking?"

I struggled to be free from his hold. One of my sneakers came off as I fought. I flinched as my feet touched the soft mud before I was flung to the ground.

My head collided with the mud and my ear rang as pain shot through my side.

"Mr. Harrison." The Alpha growled. His voice sounded closer, as if he had moved from the position he was in before. "Leave her be."

More gasps sounded.

"E-excuse me?" My supervisor stuttered in shock. A loud growl rang out and the noise of boots stepping forward sounded.

"I won't say it again." The Alpha warned. My supervisor immediately scurried backwards. I breathed in relief, but that was short lived when I was grabbed and lifted to my feet.

The Alpha watched me silently, his lips pressed into a frown. His eyes watched a trickle of blood fall from nose and I swiped it away. More came immediately.

"Get her a medic." The Alpha told one of the supervisors. "And then bring her to my car."

My eyes widened. "What?"

The Alpha looked back at me. A muscle ticked in his jaw. The supervisor looked confused as he looked at me and then at The Alpha.

The Alpha narrowed his eyes warningly at the supervisor, before turning and walking away.

A supervisor took my arm and led me inside the mine.


After the medic, who was human, made sure the blood had stopped dripping from my nose, she handed me a pill to help with the headache. She gave me a sympathetic look before saying that she was finished.

The same supervisor who had carried me here was waiting outside. He gave me my other shoe which had came off and I quickly shoved it on. He refused to look at me and instead led me outside.

The Alpha was waiting by the car door, arms folded. I could immediately feel his eyes on my and I swallowed hard.

I stopped walking abruptly and the supervisor finally looked at me, his eyes questioning. I just shook my head and stepped backwards.

"You need to get in the car." The supervisor told me softly. His eyes darted to the Alpha who was watching us.

"No." I bit out. The Alpha straightened, hearing my response. He stalked over, his eyes never leaving me.

He grabbed my wrist in a strong grip. "Get in the car." His voice showed his frustration, as did his eyes when I didn't move.

"Fine then." He grabbed me by my hair and began to drag me forward. I swiped at him and scratched the side of his face, drawing blood.

He froze, his silver eyes darkening until they became pitch black. His snarl ripped through the air and with a strong shove, pushed me toward the car.

I glanced over my shoulder and watched him. He was still furious, his lip peeled backward and his fangs showing. His eyes were still that terrifying dark color and blood was still sliding down his cheek.

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