Chapter 27

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I could feel the cold snow seeping through my clothes as I was dragged through the snow. A hand gripped my leg firmly as they pulled me along, soft grunting noises escaping his lips as he walked.

My hands were limp by my side and darkness was beginning to swarm my vision once more. I fought to stay awake, but my eyes felt extremely heavy and tired. I inhaled the cold, frigid air as we approached the forests.

In the distance I could hear the battle, the noise of wolves howling and screeching, the blasts of guns being fired and blood curdling screams.

I shuddered at the horrific sounds and my gaze turned to the sky. It was becoming dark and cloudy; the wind was picking up. It drifted around me, making me feel even more numb than I already felt. My eyes slid closed once more.


I woke up lying on a bed. I took in the gray and yellow walls around me, sitting up on the bed. The room was small, with an adjoining bathroom. There was a small window above my bed, far too small for me to climb through. A cold draft came from somewhere in the room and I licked my dry lips.

I patted down my clothes, in an attempt to find any weapons that I had stored. To my dismay, I realized they had been removed.

I rubbed my hands over my face, a groan escaping my lips. My eyes wandered back to the window and I watched the snow flakes outside.

"Finally, you're awake." Gary's deep yet scratchy voice echoed in the room and I jolted forward, facing him. He was shirtless, with a huge bandage on his chest. His hair looked wet, as if he just came out the shower.

His dark eyes held mine for a few seconds, before he kicked the door closed behind him.

"That was one hell of a shot." He muttered, referring to when Leo had fired at him. "If I hadn't made it back here the time I did, I would've died."

"A pity." I spat. "He should've shot you twice then."

Gary's face darkened and a scowl crept unto his face. He snarled, stepping closer to me. "It's not wise for you to anger me, little girl. You have no weapon to defend yourself."

I raised my eyebrows. "The last time I checked, my fists could still throw a good punch."

Gary moved quickly, a hand wrapping around my throat. I gasped for air desperately as he clenched his hand even tight around my neck. Red dots began to form in my vision and a ringing noise began to sound in my ears.

I raised my knee and hit him in the groin. He released me and immediately I sucked in some air, stumbling away from him.

Gary held his groin in pain, his face becoming red. He yelled words incoherently as he leaned over. His eyes locked with mine, watching my every move.

I steadied my stance, preparing for him to try and attack me. But to my surprise he simply straightened, growling lowly. He turned and walked out the door, slamming it behind him. Following that was the noise of a key turning in the lock.

I rubbed my burning throat and marched over to the bathroom. My eyes scanned the bruises that were beginning to form from the tight grip he had held me in. Near the bruise laid my mark.

My thoughts went to Xerxes and the others. Were they still fighting? Did they retreat? Did they know I had been taken?

These questions filled my head and I twisted the tap. The sight of water made me lick my parched lips. I cupped the water in my hands and drank.

After, I washed my face, watching the blood drip down the sink and staining it. I moved away and went back to the bedroom.

For a few minutes, I was unsure of what to do. I racked my brain for some way in which I could escape and get back to the others. Chewing on my nails anxiously, a habit I had since I was a child, I moved towards the window, my face almost pressing unto the glass.

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