Chapter 14

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Xerxes's presence was becoming increasingly annoying. He had stayed beside me the entire time I was by the pool. Thankfully he hadn't tried to make any conversation, but it that didn't help lessen the tense atmosphere between him and I.

I was silently grateful when Penelope and her mate Flynn came over. Flynn and Xerxes stepped to the side and began talking quietly. Penelope took off the robe she was wearing and dived into the pool, the spray of water from her impact hitting my jeans.

I watched as she swam to the bottom and then back up to the top. "This water feels so good." She said, wiping away wet hair from her forehead. "Come on in!"

I stared at her like she was crazy. Could she not see that I was wearing a jeans and a tank top? I shook my head and stood, catching Xerxes's attention. I could feel his eyes watching me as I went to a chair and sat down.

I wanted this evening to hurry and come so I could call my mother and the twins. I know they must be so worried, just like I am about them. Chewing on my nail I watched as more werewolves came over to the pool and begin to swim.

Flynn walked away from Xerxes after it seemed like there conversation was over. He went to the pool and joined Penelope and the other werewolves.

I stayed sitting on the chair until the heat began to make me feel sick. Seeing that Xerxes was nowhere nearby to reprimand me if I attempted to leave, I got up and made my way back into the house.

As soon as my hand touched the door however, a loud ear piercing scream echoed from inside. I stumbled backwards, wincing at the sound. The werewolves who were in the pool froze and looked towards the house.

Flynn jumped out the pool followed by a pale faced Penelope. They shoved past me and opened the door.

I stared at Xerxes's mom who was on the floor. She was on her knees, big fat tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn't appear to be physically harmed, just in emotional distress.

Xerxes held a bottle of half empty whisky in his hand and was scowling furiously down at him mother, his eyes clouded with hatred and irritation.

"You should know better, mother. This isn't doing any good to you." Xerxes waved the bottle in the air as he talked, before allowing it to fall from his hands and crash into pieces on the ground, liquid seeping unto the floor.

She sobbed even louder at the mess, her shoulders shaking with each loud throaty noise emitting from her mouth.

"P-please. I just needed some." She blabbered as Penelope helped her to stand. Her breath stunk of alcohol and she hiccupped."Gary said it was okay."

"Gary?" Xerxes spat. "Why the hell would you listen to that fool?!"

His mother's bottom lip trembled and she wiped at some drool which had dribbled down from her mouth. "I don't know." Was all she whimpered. Xerxes scoffed, running a hand through his hair. Shaking his head he walked away, the pieces of broken glass crunching under his feet.

Flynn followed him silently, seeming uncomfortable and unsure on what to do with being in the same room as a sobbing woman. I felt uncomfortable as well and turned to leave.

"Could you clean up the mess, Rebecca? Xerxes's sister is coming soon and I wouldn't want her to see the glass." Penelope didn't look up from the sniffling woman as she spoke. However, Xerxes's mother looked at me through blurry eyes, before they narrowed. Even in her drunk state she still hated me.

It was my turn to sneer now. "I'm sure she can clean it up herself. After all, I'm just a human and I shouldn't even be in the same room as you right?" My question was directed towards the drunk werewolf still glaring up at me. "So excuse me while I go somewhere else." My eyes hardened as I stared at the woman before turning and leaving.

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