Chapter 4

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The spray from the hot water immediately made me relax. I closed my eyes in bliss, sighing.

I stayed under the water for a few more minutes, before I grabbed the lavender smelling soap and began to rub it all over my body.

It was only when I was rubbing myself dry with a towel that had been folded neatly on a cabinet that I realized that I had no clothes to put on. It seemed, that whilst I had been in the shower, someone had taken my clothes.

Just as I was about to grudgingly call for the Alpha, someone knocked on the bathroom door. Slowly, I opened it and the woman from downstairs stood before me, a shirt and pants in her hands, as well as undergarments.

"This is for you." She gave them to me, watching as I took them wordlessly before closing the door behind her.

I put on the clothes and bit my nails nervously. My eyes flickered to a window that was in the bathroom. I probably could squeeze through it and jump out, but I would no doubt kill myself because of how high this suite in the building was.

A heavy knock sounded on the door.

"Rebecca, you're taking very long in there. Come out." The Alpha demanded. He was getting impatient. I could hear his feet shuffling against the floor outside the door.

I opened it, my eyes immediately going to his chest. I didn't want to look  him in his eyes. If I did, I would snap and try to kill him, but he would win. A five foot five human girl against a six foot four Alpha werewolf?  There's no chance of me even getting him to the ground.

He took my arm without a word and led me to what looked to be a kitchen.  The lady from earlier was in there, stirring something in a pot. 

"Food will be ready in five minutes.  How about you two take a seat in the dinning room." She suggested. I narrowed my eyes at her.  She was smiling at me, but I didn't trust her.  I don't trust any werewolf. 

The dinning room was very spacious. I sat on one of the chairs, arms folded and staring straight at a wall, ignoring the Alpha.

He didn't like that. I could tell by his low growls and the noise he would make with his feet, tapping them on the tiles. 

The lady walked in a few minutes later, juggling three plates of food in her hands.  She set one in front of me and my eyes widened.

Hot and cheesy Lasagna and cream potato was on the plate. Two chicken legs were on the side of the plate.

My mouth watered at the food. I could feel both of the werewolves watching me. Despite my stomach soft protests,  I pushed the plate away from me and stared stubbornly at the wall. 

The noise of a chair scraping against the tiles jumped me. The Alpha leaned over, grabbed my plate and pushed it back over to me.

"Eat. It." The Alpha spoke through clenched teeth. "I know you are hungry."

"I'm not." I told him.

"Don't make me force you." He warned.  I could feel the frustration radiating off of him. He watched me silently, frowning.  When he began to lean forward again I grabbed the plate and fork, digging into the cheesy lasagna. I stuffed it into my mouth. I took another few bites from the food. My stomach  began to have a reaction to the food.

I wasn't accustomed to this type of fancy food and the strong ingredients that brought out the flavour in it. I began to feel queasy and leaned over on the marble table.

I began to throw up, my vomit splattering all over the table. The lady let out a shriek and I heard The Alpha curse.

He moved over to me, and led me away from the table. The shirt I was wearing was also covered in vomit and had a strong, disgusting scent on it but he didn't seem to take notice of it.

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