[9] Aiden

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You stare at yourself in the mirror.

Your eyes are tired,


And swollen.

Who was the boy,

Who stares back at you?

The only thing,

You had to hold on to,

Was Katie.

But you screwed things up with her,

And one pretty,


Wonderful girl,

Could never hold together,

A broken,


Damaged boy.

So many times,

You had been told you are worthless.

And for once,

You truly know it’s true.


Mother calls you from downstairs,

And you shake,

As you step towards the one person,

You hated.

I just talked to the school.

You shove your hands in your pockets,

Trying to hide their tremors.

They said their worried about your health.

Apparently you’ve done a complete one-eighty,

And you can’t focus in school.

Her words aren’t concerned.

Their embarrassed.

So I talked to a therapist,

And it was suggested,

That you go to a mental rehabilitation center.

You’re shaking stops,

And an earthquake erupts,

Splitting you in half.

You completely explode,

For the first time since you changed.

You tell Mother,

That this is all her fault,

Not yours!

That she is the one who’s made you do,




She is the one,

Who has broken you down,

Changed you,

Then rearranged you!

Her mental health,

Is the main concern!

What parent,

Hate’s their child,

And changes them,

From who they are,

Into who their not?

Being sent away,

Would change you back into who you are.

Coming back,

Would change you into who you’re not.

This situation could never,


Get better.

Nothing would ever change,

With your mom.

As long as you’re not perfect,

You’re not good enough.

You’re constantly running up Mount Everest,

But the summit never gets any closer.

What was the point,

Of running this never-ending race?

Her hand moves to hit you,

But you grab her wrist before it reaches.

You lower your voice.

You tell her,

That she isn’t perfect,

And she never will be.

That she isn’t your mother,

And she will never will be.

That you aren’t her son,

And you,




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