[4] Paige

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As you get to return to school.

It took a lot of convincing,

But Dan let you go,

Because he works during the day.

You miss your mom,

Your house,

The pictures of your dad.

You don’t even know if you’re being looked for,

Searched for,

Prayed for.

But your mom was unpredictable.

She could be organizing a search party,

Or crying on the kitchen table.

Everyone’s talking about the Winter Formal,

Except for you.

You have no one to talk to,

And Dan’s too old to go.

Only two years older than you,

Fresh out of high school.

Even if he could,



He’s been leaving constantly,

But you try to ignore it.

You know he’s cheating,

But you can’t leave him.

He loves you,

And he tells you every time you bring it up.

If you weren’t loved,

Not by him,

You wouldn’t be loved by anyone.

Before he had come alone,

Nobody loved you,

Cared about you,

Treasured you.

You don’t want to go back there.



Even if it meant,

Putting up with Dan.

People eyed the marks he gives you,

But you ignore their passing glances.

They didn’t know,

And you weren’t telling.

The bell rings,

And you’re already late.

You run towards your third period class,

Not looking where you’re going.

At least,

Not until you bump into him.

You both part quickly,

And scramble for your things.




Until you both reach for the binder.

Your hands gently touch,

And you let go immediately.

I believe this is yours,

You meet his close,


Blue eyes,

And take the binder.

You mumble thanks,

And you both straighten up.


You have to ask.

Is he going to the winter formal?

Yes, I am,

He grins at you,

And your cheeks redden.






I’m Aiden.

I hope to see you there,

He smiles,

Gives a shy wave,

And jogs down the hallway.

Hope fills you,

Consumes you,

Devours you.

As you realize,

That if Dan can cheat,

So can you.

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