[Authors Note]

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To whoever is reading this right now, I would like to thank you greatly! It means so much to me that you've read all the way to the end!

As many people have realized, the characters in this story experiance very real situations that happen to kids, teens, and adults every single day. Every person who read this can relate to a part of each character. Whether it's directly, or they know someone like them. By reading this story, I hope that it has the potential to help these people.

The main message I'd like to convey, is that the pressures society has created are very real. Without humans creating them, there would be no such thing as the problems you have just read about. The only way we can stop them is to bring awareness.

Every single person has a pressure, whether they can realize it or not. The one way to stop the pressure, is to realize that the things we have created like perfection, or pretty, are lies.

I am Katie. I am Nathan. I am Paige. I am Aiden. I am Jocelyn. And so are you.

Everyone has a pressure.

What's yours?

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