[11] Katie

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I stare out my window,

At the full,

Sparkling moon.

It reminds me of three nights ago,

And I relive the worst night of my life.

By the time Aiden left,

I noticed something in his words.


I rushed to his house,

And yelled to his mom.

I told her something was wrong,

And I had to see Aiden.

She told me to leave,

But instead I rushed upstairs,

Throwing open every door.

I knew the one that wouldn’t open,

Was the one he was in.

I banged on the door,

Screamed his name,

Yelled that I love him.

But it never opened.

It’s his father,

That breaks down the door.

I was the first who ran into the room,

And took in the scene.

The scene,

Will forever be burned into my mind.


Was everywhere.

On the floor,

On the sheets,

On his arm.

But that wasn’t what made me scream.

It was Aiden’s lifeless body.

I draped myself over his torso,

And held his hand as tight as I could.

I couldn’t stop screaming,



I don’t know what his parents did,

And I wasn’t going to ask.

I stayed until the paramedics came,

And the police.

I only did leave,

When a policeman pried me from Aiden’s body,

The last thing I saw,

Was the bright,

Full moon,

Glowing through his window.

Seeing it now,

Reminds me of him,

And I know it always will.

In my hand,

I clutch the letter,

That he had held while,




I don’t need to open the envelope,

The read the words anymore.

They are forever carved into my mind,

Like Aiden,

And the memories.

Beautiful Katie,

Out of all the people in my life,

You are the one who meant the most.

Ever since I first sat at your lunch table,

I knew that somehow,


I was going to fall in love with you.

On a more serious note,

I want you to know,

That in no way this is your fault.

There was nothing you could do to stop me,

And nothing you had done made me do this.

For the first time since he changed into someone I didn’t know,

He explains his life to me.

He tells me about the abuse,

The cutting,

The perfection,

The pressure.

His Mom was going to send him away,

And when he writes how nothing can get better,

I sadly know he’s right.

It makes me wonder,

How many other lives,

Have been taken,

Because there was no happy ending?

I know we both broke our deal,

But I have a new one for us.

You have to get help,

You have to get better,

You have to forget me.

In return,

I promise you one thing.

I will always watch over you,

No matter where you are.

I love you Katie.


Where he’s signed his name,

I know which Aiden it is.

It’s not the Aiden,

Created by the pressure.


It’s the Aiden,






I stare up at the moon,

And know Aiden’s staring too.

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