[5] Paige

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You creep into the kitchen,

And take money from his wallet.

You leave a note,

Lying about buying food.


You buy a dress.

And a cab ride to the dance.


You are astounded.

Everything is so pretty,

You can’t stop staring.

At least not until you see Aiden.

He’s slow dancing with a girl,

And he looks like he’s having fun.

Your heart sinks,

Until you notice you’re not the only one staring.

A thin,

Pretty girl watches him too.

Her eyes are filled with sadness,


And heartbreak.

You were not the only one,

Who wanted a dance.

You want to dance with Aiden,

But so does the girl.

However you are already loved,

And she desperately wants to be.

You could have only Dan,

But could he only have you?


He couldn’t.

But you could live with that,

At least for now.

As long as one person loves you,

You’re okay.

But what if Dan doesn’t love you after all?

Then you need someone else to be loved.

You stare at the girl,

And you feel sorry for her,

Because she wants Aiden.

You feel happy for her,

Because she has love.

You feel unhappy for yourself,

Because Aiden is not yours to love.

This girl deserves him,

But she’s not going to make a move.


All they needed was a push,

A shove,

A nudge,

To get onto the right path.

And you were going to be that push,

Because you want others to have love.

You’re going to be that shove,

Because you want others to have happiness.

You’re going to be that nudge,

Because if you can’t have true love,

You want someone else too.

You stride towards Aiden,

With confidence surging.

You grab his shoulder,

And tell him you need to talk to him.

The girl glares at you,

But Aiden shrugs away.

What is it?

You smile,

And turn towards the girl.

She thinks you’re her competition,

But she’s wrong.

You’re her saviour,

Her shove.

You nod towards the girl,

And smile at her.

You tell Aiden,

That the girl he’s dancing with isn’t the right one.

Are you saying that you are?

He raises his eyebrows,

And you shake your head.

You point at the girl,







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